VRay Crash Course with Ian Ruhfass


[i]32bit Studios announced the release of “VRay Crash Course” - a 3 hour video tutorial covering the essentials of rendering with VRay. In this tutorial, 2-time Emmy Award winning 3D Artist Ian Ruhfass will guide you through everything you need to know when it comes to rendering and lighting from an artistic, industry-proven point of view.

[/i]Check it out at [[b]https://www.32bitstudios.com/vray-crash-course

[/b]](https://www.32bitstudios.com/vray-crash-course)Chapters cover a wide range of topics including render settings, lighting, shaders, displacement maps, depth of field, and motion blur. At the end of the lesson, Ian provides a 40 minute lighting demo so you can see his thought process and workflow when lighting a scene. By the end of this course you should be very comfortable creating advanced shaders, lighting scenes, and rendering your creations in an efficient manner. “My goal isn’t to bore you with the math and theory behind every slider and attribute in VRay. Instead I will show you the settings and workflow that work for me everyday in the studio. I’ll teach you what you should be focusing 99% of your time on to create amazing renders with the greatest amount of ease.” says Ian.

This tutorial is recorded using VRay for Maya but the same concepts and settings apply to any other 3D software package like 3ds Max and Modo.Another noteworthy release are Ian’s free Lighting Scenes for VRay and Arnold. Included in this pack are a variety 10 different lighting rigs for Maya, 3ds Max, and Modo. “It drives me crazy when I see an amazing model but the lighting is lacking. I wanted to create a scene that artists could import their models into and just hit render to get some great results right away. There are a bunch of different moods with these setups and it’s super easy to swap them out for one another and try different ideas to showcase your model in unique ways.”Grab it for free at https://www.32bitstudios.com/lighting-scenes

Who is Ian Ruhfass?
Ian Ruhfass is the creator of 32bit Studios and a professional 3D Artist in Los Angeles, CA. He has been in the industry for over 10 years, working at Elastic/A52 for the past 9. Ian won an Emmy in 2009 at Psyop as a Lighting Artist on “Coke: Heist”, a Superbowl ad which won Best Commercial of 2009. Later on in 2011 he was the Lighting/Shading Lead Artist on the “Game of Thrones” title sequence at Elastic which won an Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Design. Since then, Ian has continued to light and render using VRay for high end clients all over the world.

His personal portfolio can be seen at

What is 32bit Studios?
32bit Studios is a brand new site designed to provide 3D Artists with high quality tutorials and resources from today’s leading professionals. “We are a group of artists who are passionate about sharing our knowledge and methods with the rest of the world. Tutorials these days tend to be way too specific, or so detailed that you end up leaving more confused than you began. Our goal is to provide you with lessons that are clear, to the point, and industry-proven effective. We only provide content from a handpicked selection of today’s top industry professionals. That way you know what you’re getting is the highest quality. With our products you’ll spend less time being frustrated, and spend more time doing what you love - creating!”

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