VRay CPU control - How to limit CPU usage. Allocate Thread usage.


Hi. I am wondering if there is a way to control CPU usage for VRay.

When I render it maxes out my CPU, often to the point I can hardly move my mouse or do anything.

Is there a way I can allocate most of my cpu power to VRay but still be able to use the computer better. I’ve seen this in things like Keyshot.



There’s a setting in Vray where you can set it to low thread priority. Sometimes I actually get faster render times that way. I think it’s on the last tab where you can turn off the vray message window


if your on win7, go to task manager, right click set affinity to… (select how many cpu’s you want)

if your on win10, go to task manager, details, right click set affinity to… (select how many cpu’s you want)


Or you can use my PowerCoreTools script:
This one automatically reduces process priority and affinity masks at render time only. After rendering is complete, all CPU settings are restored back to the previous values. This works completely transparent and can be operated in fire&forget mode, where you never have to open the PowerCoreTools UI.
Works with all renderers, as it uses 3ds Max’s preprender/postrender callback mechanism

Take a look at the UI in the screenshots - everything can been configured to your liking …

Free download on scriptspot:

Or on Autodesk Exchange:

PowerCoreTools in action


Hi - have you a script for vray for sketchup?