Vray - camera problem with "focus object" function


Hi everyone,

I’m having some strange issue when using the “focus object” function with a Vray physical camera (it doesn’t do it when using a normal Cinema4d camera).
When I use the “focus object” function onto an object, the rendered image is zoomed in or cropped and doesn’t reflect the viewport camera anymore.
Below are some images that explains my situation.

1 - Viewport view before using “focus object”

2 - Rendered view before using "focus object"

3 - Viewport view after using "focus object" (see the “focus object” function in red)

4 - Rendered view after using “focus object” (you can see that the sphere is now cropped)


you have a physical camera in use which has a real lens system, the editor in c4d uses simple pinhole lens, so this is the correct result in that case
(vray camera works likea real world cam)

come to our support and we help you and explain you how to use it.( the link to forum and email is on our website)



See all the tips for Vray here … many are just beginner, but, very informative :thumbsup: