vray 3 point character lighting tutorial?


I was wondering if anyone can post a link to a tutorial for a Vray 3point lighting setup? I’m planning to switch from using MR to Vray, and all the tutorials i can find are mostly architectural, since I guess vray’s used mainly for that… but they have a huge selection of materials over at vray-materials.de, so it would really be nice if i can use those. My character has a skin shader, but i dont know whether I should use a standard max 3 point setup using spotlights or use the vray lights… and i’m not too familiar with vray light parameters.


Well, three point lighting principles carry over regardless of rendering engine. I personally start with a well-defined key light, then place a fill light into the shadow area of the key-light, and then place a few rim lights.

Usually speaking, I have atleast 6 lights for a character (many fills, rims, sometimes two keys, etc).


Hi Sanjay,
Cool, thanks for the info, for some reason the rigs I have for my MR scenes give pretty nice results, but the Vray scenes seem dull in comparison, so I wasnt sure whether Vray required you to use vray lights or would spots be fine…
so I’m fine with scanline or MR, but Vray seems to be the issue here when it comes to character lighting… I’ll try some more experiments and check…


here pal
heres a page that may help ya


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