Voting Started for the Alienware Challenge


After three months of tremendous effort from the hundreds of artists that entered as well as a day of frantic last minute submissions and panicking about whether or not images have been received, the highly successful Alienware Challenge has finally come to an end, and the public voting has opened.

Please go to The Voting Site to place your vote. Please be aware that you have to be a CGTalk member, and you need to be logged in, in order to place your votes. All members may vote once per image.

The public voting will continue until Midnight (GMT), February 3 2004, after which the top 50% of the public votes will proceed to a private panel of judges from Alienware and CGTalk.

The winner of the challenge will win an awesome Alienware MJ-12 DCC Workstation, while runners up will receive some fabulous prizes as well.

Get your votes in now!

If you wish to comment on the challenge as a whole, or would like to send any wishes out to any of the participating artists, please feel free to contribute in the Alienware Artists Thread on CGTalk.


If you have a query about your entry, PLEASE send it to, and not me - I cannot do anything to help you.

If your entry does NOT appear on the voting pages, it is because you did not submit enough milestones to qualify for entry. The rules stated that artists had to submit all seven of the required milestones to qualify. We did, however, decide to allow people who submitted only 6 milestones, because we were in a nice mood.[/b]


I realize it might be a moot point, but I would suggest hiding the scores and user(names).

The problem with showing scores is that those with higher scores get shown first to voters and that kinda feeds a vicious cycle where the high scorers continue getting more votes due to early exposure.

Removing the usernames is recommended as well, but is not as important.


I think that is a good idea too, however, I think that the contest facilitators probably spent some time setting this up and may not be up for modifying it so soon, and after the contest has started. It would be ideal that everything could be on one page but there are just too many entries for that. :shrug:

EDIT: I spoke too soon. Those mods are quick to repond. Thanks guys! :slight_smile:


perhaps displaying them in random order would be better?

then after you have voted you could see how many votes they have.


also what was annoying about the votes changing the sequence of the images, so while I was looking at them I would click on one, read about it and then try for the next. But the one that “was” next wasn’t anymore. LOL So yeah, i dunno, but I found one that I think hit the nail on the head for what Alienware wanted.



Slow pokes. I found out it was open before the plug and spent nearly 2 hours narrowing my vote down to one entry…only to find I could vote for more than one image…


Okay, we’ve removed the visibility of the scores from the interface, so you guys shouldn’t be able to see them anymore…


Excellent, looks great :thumbsup:

I think it was better though when you could see the score. It makes it more interesting to follow. As with any other form of sport. Imaging watching a football match and not knowing the score until after the game :slight_smile:


Hmmm … I can still see the votes.

And interesting way to total votes. Either you like it or you don’t? I was expecting the 1-5 rating to pop up after clicking the vote button. I was suprised to find out that I voted a “yeah” on the image by just clicking the button.


I didnt even enter, but I’ve gotta say that I feel really sorry for the people who are in page 6 7 or 8. Any of the later pages in fact. I will almost garuntee that someone on one of the first pages will win. Theres so many pictures to look through.
Maybe you could shuffle the placements of the pictures


Kirt, the mods can still see the votes :wink:

As for the people on the last page or so, I don’t think it is an issue. In challenges we ran in the past, we had a different page layout that meant that it sometimes had 15 or more pages, and people on those last pages still got votes.


Ah! Never-you-mind then … :smiley:

Carry on … nothing to see here.


Unfortunately, you can still sort by score, so the folks at the top of the voting scale are still getting the most attention. I agree that this is kind of unfair. I hope it can get changed, I didn’t even enter, but I think everyone who did should be given a fair shot!


yeh i agree…by default their listed by score…and i can see the scores…perhaps its after i’ve voted…but viewing by score will skew the lazier voters.


also, i saw 217 votes by 85 users on one…i vote per user…? if so, that doesnt seem to make sense to me, ie it indicates somethings gone skewiff

EDIT: dont worry, its total votes of the whole comp…doh !


Great job again, its amazing to me how all of you guys sittin in diffrent countries and continents can put together such a great contest…its almost like you were workin out of one office :smiley:
Keep up the great work.


You get one vote per image. So if you really like ten images, you vote ten times.

We’ve set the default sort order to be CGTalk username now, instead of score.

We’re working on making sure regular users can’t see the scores, give us a few more minutes :wink:

Thanks for the feedback folks.


Hi guys, just noticed you have different dates down for the end of voting.

“The public voting will continue until Midnight (GMT), January 27 2004, after which the top 50% of the public votes will proceed to a private panel of judges from Alienware and CGTalk.” on CGNetworks link.

and this one CGTalk “The public voting will continue until Midnight (GMT), February 3 2004, after which the top 50% of the public votes will proceed to a private panel of judges from Alienware and CGTalk.”

I assume its the latter?


Is it me or there are some entries missing?

Have the final image been pre-selected before the public vote?


OOps you’re right kjc! I forgot to edit the CGNetworks release :blush: It should say Feb 3 :wink:

Dragonangel - not all the entries were qualified, since you had to submit at LEAST 6 milestones to be considered for final judging.