Voting Results: Modeling Contest 2.0


Well the votes are in!

By a wide margin the Winner is: Kungfudork with his Dave Chapelle model!

You have earned the right to place the Golden Shlitzy award on your web page!

Thanks to everyone who participated it was a fun contest to watch.

-David Rogers


wow, thanks everyone! i can’t believe i won! :blush:



Congrats. :beer: Your model turned out great! You really nailed the mouth/expression. Hope to see some animation out of him sometime soon.


Congratulations! I would like to see your character animated and texturized.

Good luck!:applause:




Loved your choice.
You did a great job cartooning him up. The mouth really captures him. I think you need to bloodshot and squint his eyes though. He is a strong smoking supporter;)

Are you getting him all ready and are you going to donate him for an animation contest? (censored material of course;)) I’m going through Osipia’s book too. Maybe we could do a lipsync kind of contest next animation round.

Congrats again.
Toby Kamp


nice work and well done! will be great to see him animated!



Congratulations Dieter! And congrats to all the entrants on very fun, diverse and well done caricatures.

Here’s your official Schlitzy award!



thanks everyone! it is going to take me alot longer to get him ready than i had imagined due to less free time, but i have no problem donating him to the forum once he is done. i just don’t know if it will be in time enough to use him in an animation contest.



Just as long as you finish him. COngrats on the win :).


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