Voting has now ended


I would like to thank everyone for participating in the public voting for the challenges. You guys really went at it :slight_smile: Now that the public votes are over its time for the council to decide on the final winners. Once that is done I’ll present the final winners on an award page.

Once again I’ll like to extend a big thx to all of you and to our sponsors, for being as active in the challenges as you are.

Next challenge begins Monday the 10th :slight_smile:

till then


P.S. I’ve turned on star rating for the fun of it


Cool Challenge,congrats to all.:applause:
I was thinking of an idea :lightbulb :p, How about two kinds of rewards,one from the council as you already have planned,but also another from the “people” themselves the ever important peers and fellow Cg artists.
It seems that with all the voting from the people that make up this fine community it would be almost a waste not to give awards out for that as well. The few people that make up the council is very important this is true,but not anymore important than the entire community.
It would also give more chances for more winners,there would be an extra couple or so people whom would get rewarded with two viewpoints,the people and the council.
So how about two awards? The people and the Council awards.Cool or should I just go crawl in a cave or something.
Thanks for hearing me out.:beer:


Good idea, alot more work and organization that I’m (we) are not up for :wink: Proof is in the pudding if you look at the challenge entries sorted by score.

Reason I’m not keen on it, is that there’s ALOT of fvvoritism in the votes, meaning that many peeps vote because its their buddy/co-worker e.t.c then you have the multilple votes with different usernames (believe me we know it happens ;)) So to award that aspect of it won’t be justifiable because it won’t be accurate.

What people tend to forget is that this is a community based event, and the only reason we started to add prizes is because our sponsors wanted to contribute is some form or fashion.

Again not saying your idea is bad, it’s just not justifiable at the moment. But what I will do is extend the award page to include the public favorites, we did this some time ago. I’ll add the points beside their name but it will only be a mention.

Hope I answered your question



Yes my question was answered to a point.:stuck_out_tongue:
I just feel that somehow the people should be the number #1 consideration. CG talk is the people. I just cannot make myself believe that 8 or 9 council members have more of a voice over the people/artists of CG talk.
I agree with what you say about there being some foul play here and there within the people choice voting,but for the most part the true winners are where they belong in the end.
And as far as I know the Council is human too :wink: ,they too have buddy/co-workers e.t.c in the challenges. Plus sometimes bigger in the industry types join in,and perhaps they get some favortism thrown there way? Perhaps? So in fact I think it’s a two way street.Thus two awards would be best in my opinion.I just cannot get by the thought of 8 or 9 council members being more substantial than thousands of members. Let the revoulution :wink: . begin. But as you say it will be I quess,at least a mention would be better than nothing.
Anyways I’ll leave it at that,I think this site is great for the whole CG community.I just wanted to vent a bit,get some things off of my chest. Thanks for your time,I meant no knock on you, just a thought really.:beer:


Sorry bud just won’t happen :wink: Thx for your consideration tho, I’m not sure if you were here from the beginning but there’s a long history of events that I don’t have the time to discuss. And I never once said the council is more important, why do you think we’re putting so much time into this? For you guys not for us, we can’t even win in the challenges, we can participate but can’t win.

I developed it this way to keep things organized, you have no idea how much work I did before the challenge site went live. Ask any of the vets around here what I used to do with the thumbnails.