Voting: "Artistic impression"/"Technical Merit"?


Sometimes I find the scores that someone’s work earns to be very strange. Sometimes it seems that people are voting on the subject of the image rather than on the work itself. Personally, I find a very sterile image of a car or a gun to be mind-numbingly boring, but I can see that a great deal of technical skill has gone into it. Other work is aesthetically stunning, but the craftwork lets it down.

So I have a suggestion. Rather than a single 5 point scale, can we have two scores? and I suggest the Olympics method: Artistic Impression and Technical Merit. Doing this has the additional benefit to the artist, to tell him/her where s/he can improve.

I ecpect that this would need a software enhancement, which is why I’ve posted it here. Feel free to move it if there is a more appropriate forum.



Yeah, we are limited by vBulletins features in this regard. In any case, people abuse and misuse the voting system so much already that personally I would feel it pointless to actually make any effort to enhance that facet of the forums. If I had my way, the star ratings would be done away with altogether because I think they are totally stupid and pointless.


This thread gets 5 stars from me!


We would be better off with a Good/Bad rating system at this point. Seriously. Either a thread gets 0 stars, or 5 stars. Very strange. Maybe we should restrict the ability to give ratings to the mod staff…




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