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Best Diorama: DDS

Best Bust: TyShelton

Best Model: farazmobin

Amazing work, guys! :bowdown:


[li][color=darkorange]Best WIP thread : DDS[/color][/li][li][color=darkorange]Best Bust : headfirst[/li]
[li]Best Diorama : DDS[/li][li]Best Model : farazmobin[/li][/color]



best WIP : DDS
best diorama: DDS
best bust: Ty Shelton
best model: farazmobin


Best WIP thread: DDS
Best Bust TyShelton ( the face looks fantastic)
Best Diorama DDS (your model pose is so live)

Best Model farazmobin (Your TYSON rocks buddy, )

PS: - i liked your spirit faraz,



sorry this was a double post



Bust: TyShelton
Diorama: DDS
Model: DDS


:cry: Great Great Great Great wooooooooooow.
best WIP : DDS
best diorama: DDS
best bust: Ty Shelton
best model: farazmobin


best wip thread . paul adams
best bust . headfirst
best diorama . DDS
best model . FarazMobin


Very nice work.:slight_smile:

[li][color=darkorange]Best WIP thread : DDS[/color][/li][li][b][color=darkorange]Best Bust : DDS[/li]

[li]Best Diorama : [font=Verdana][color=darkorange]DDS[/color][/li][li][b]Best Model : farazmobin[/li]

[/ul]Very nice work by Paul Adams too.


HTML clipboard[b][i]Thanks to all who participated on our last mini challenge.
And the plug for the next challenge will go live NEXT MONDAY.

[color=DarkOrange]Click here for the topic: >>Link<<
We will have a BIG challenge up in the next few weeks[/color]

OK we have the winners of the current challenge:[/i][/b]
[li][b][i][color=DarkOrange]BEST BUST[/li] [/color]TyShelton: 29 votes!
Ty Shelton

 WIP Thread:
 Beauty Render:
 Full Size Image:
 Zbrush, Maya, Photoshop, Headus
 I had a lot of fun doing Babe! I really wish I would've had the time to take      him further but I had a blast none the less! The base mesh was modeled in      Maya, sculpted and textured in Zbrush, and rendered back in Maya with Mental      Ray.
 Great work everybody! Some really inspiring stuff this month!

[li][b][i][color=DarkOrange]BEST WIP THREAD & BEST DIORAMA[/li] [/color]DDS :42

 ARTIST: [color=darkorange]Albert Feliu
 Final Images:
 [&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;Link      to full size image&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;](
 Software used:
 Zbrush 3.1
 It's been the best HMC one so far. Not much stress      with a relatively small time inversion. I've got it all recorded but so far      I've just put together the head. It's all posted underneath...
 To the competition: We've got nothing to lose here but I believe I learned a      lot through this, and I hope you did too, because that the only thing that      matters...

[/ul] And here is the BIG ONE:

[li][b][i]BEST MODEL[/li]


[/ul] [b][i][u]
[color=darkorange]farazmobin - 37 Votes!

Faraz Mobin

WIP THREAD:…?f=208&t=648501

Final Images:

Beauty render:

Orthographic Images:


Link to full size image:

Software used:

[/color][/color][/u]this was my second hmc,(hmc14 was my first),i really wanted to keep to zbrush this time.i struggled with zspheres ,so i got a simple

box shape figure in zbrush and from there on till the laces i kept to zbrush (and offcourse some photoshop for alphas),
spent the most time with his head,maybe 60+…but it was worth it,hopefully ill do better heads in the future,also wanted to pose

him but got stuck in some work

special thanx to samarcbz,and others that took part in this competition for helping me out!

OK here is the vote tally:[/i][/b]

[li]Best WIP thread[color=White][/li] DDS :42
Faraz mobin:-1
Albert Feliu :1
Paul adams :1[/color]

[li]Best Bust[color=White][/li] TyShelton: 29
headfirst :9
[/color]DDS : 4
Faraz mobin :2
Ryan Yearwood :1

[li]Best Diorama[/li] [color=White]DDS : 39
Headfirst : 4
Tonytrout : 2
Faraz mobin : 1
Kumar : 1[/color]

[li]Best Model[/li] [color=White]farazmobin: - 37
DDS : 13
Ty shelton : 2
Headfirst : 1

[/ul] [b][i]



Congrats to the winners! :smiley: Faraz Specially, since he got the big one :beer:


Great job to everybody!! Congrats Faraz, really nice work!!


wow…man…thanx for all the votes …congratz to all the winners and thanx Roberto for the kickass trophy


Congratulations to every winner, well deserved. And great job to every competitor. It was a fantastic challenge.


Great job farazmobin, DDS and Ty Shelton. Well deserving entry winners. It was a pleasure following your models.

I am really surprised and happy that i got some votes. I really wasnt expecting much in my first entry.

Really hope to see you guys around the forums.



Me too, I want to second Ryans comments.

Also really want to thank those who took the time to give me a vote, I was really chuffed.


Congratulations FARAZ , FINALLY you made it to FIRST PAGE



Great work . . . they deserve it !
Cheers !! :beer:


that‘s awsome !5 STRA i give!


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