Vote: Animation Acting Challenge #6: Vote


Vote for both categories:

Audio Clip Animation:

Emotional or Awkward Stillness Animation:

Vote for two animations under Audio Clip Category, and one animation under Emotional or Awkward Stillness Category.

Edit: 4/3/07 Corrected the topic category. Originaly posted as Awkward Stillness, and is now correct as Emotional or Awkward Stillness.

-Dont vote for yourself!
-Sorry, no prizes.
-If there is a tie then we have more than one person to congratulate.
-Voting will end on April 6, 2007 and I’ll announce the winner on the 7th.
-Anyone and everyone can vote!

Topic Suggestion:
This thread is also open to suggestions to expand the list (see next post)… Though it seems that the audio clip is very popular we’ll keep two options open and one will always be an audio.
-Anyone and everyone can suggest a topic!

How do you like it so far? Are there any changes you’d like to see in the challenge? Is the time too long or short? We’d like to hear of any thoughts on how we can improve the format.
-Anyone and everyone can give feedback!

A big THANKS to everyone who contributed either by turning in an animation to even giving the animators critiques and encouraging comments.


Please suggest topic ideas and i will update the list. I still need to update the list from last month and i will get to that soon.

[li]gets stomped or shot in the foot[/li][li]sees attractive person, does a double take[/li][li]given bouquet of flowers[/li][li]their baby stroller rolls away too quickly to chase[/li][li]clothes are torn off (like in cartoons, they have to cover themselves in that funny pose)[/li][li]a guy loses a very important object[/li][li]enjoying art[/li][li]talking to the plants[/li][li]giving orders[/li][li]teaching[/li][li]shopping[/li][li]Ride (i,e, theme park… or anything for that matter…)[/li][li]Emotion change ( change from one dramatic emotion to another)[/li][li]Martial arts[/li][li]gymnastics[/li][li]peer pressure[/li][li]classic lift[/li][li]a moving walk, with a twist (i.e. not a cycle)[/li][li]animate to a sound effects file (like gunfire or something)[/li][li]russian roulette[/li][li]waking up and walking outside naked[/li][li]rooftop jumping/chase[/li][li]Hot coffee (or tea if you prefer) gets spilled on the character.[/li][li]Animate to your favorite movie line (10 Second Club where are you!?!)[/li][li]Getting hit by a projectile like a ball or a bullet.[/li][li]Making a difficult phone call.[/li][li]Change into a super hero out fit (think superman in phone booth)[/li][li]Has rabies[/li][li]Perform an athletic event[/li][li]Nonhuman action (alien or monster performs an action)[/li][li]A character shows affection to another character[/li][li]Hiding from an oncoming threat[/li][li]Finding the Master Sword[/li][li]Solo SWAT action[/li][li]Spying on an unsuspecting person[/li][li]Idling[/li][li]Animate to a song[/li][li]Super Villian planning another nefarious scheme[/li][li]Trying to cross a very busy street[/li][li]Annoying the still-as-a-rock Guard on duty[/li][li]Pass the ball. (A ball comes in screen left, character plays around with it, then tosses it screen right. When you string all of the animations together it should look interesting)[/li][li]Heres music and dances against own will[/li][li]Talks to baby and gets distracted and yells[/li][/ul]


Hi there,

Great animations everyone.

My vote goes to
[li]sirRon[/li][li]sphere[/li][li]desktopepics[/li][/ul]and for the next challenge which hopefully i will have time for!
[li]rooftop jumping/chase (or the sorta chase that is in Casino Royale, which is awesome!)[/li][/ul]Thanks


Great job everyone! Wow, it’s pretty hard to pick 2 from the audio category.

But my vote goes for…

Audio Clip Animation:

Awkward Stillness Animation:
AuloLicinio (Glad you did the “awkward” stillness while I did the “emotional” :))

Topic Suggestion:
Opening Pandora’s Box
Video game death animation
Using a shield to block attacks
Dying of thirst or hunger
Show us some dance moves! (This would be fun to put everyone’s animations together with some dance music)
Trying to sleep but neighbors are too loud

Next time we’ll try to get a front page plug so more people know about these challenges. But we need an image to go with the plug. Dudeacle and I thought of taking a frame from one of the winning animations and using that as the graphic. So whoever wins will have their animation shown for the “starting challenge #7” plug. Would everyone be open to have a frame of your animation for it?


you vote two in the Audio category and one in the Stillness category. :slight_smile:





Good job to all the animators. I never posted mine because I was unhappy with my straight ahead pose. But, learning every step of the way. Hope to see you all on the next challenge.


my votes go to:

I could not see diegooriani though. Wheres the “download” button, lol.

Edit: AH! got it thx … same votes. Great job everyone defenitely hope to see everyone and more on the next run.


You have to enter the code on the page, then wait 45 seconds until the download button appears.

Please view all entries before voting. :slight_smile:


My vote go to :

Audio Clip Animation:

Awkward Stillness Animation:



Hi guys!

My vote will be : trarararaatataa dzing!

[size=2] Audio Clip Animation:

[/b][size=2]Awkward Stillness Animation:

:applause: :applause: :buttrock:

Good job to all animators! To bad that I missed this challenge,… maybe next round!


My votes go to



Awkward stillness:

SirRon (yeah…really glad… hehehe ) and …great emotional scene :smiley:

see ya!


My votes are for:

Audio Clip Animation:

[size=2]Awkward Stillness Animation:[/size]

SirRon: Yes we need a plug for our challenges. Using a screen grab from one of the winning animations would be cool. We need to do it quickly so it can go up before the next challenge starts.


Audio Clip:


Awkward Moment


(Yeah, 1st post ever! haha :slight_smile:




“Emotional” Moment:

**** Vote Correction *****

I’m so embarrassed. Please forgive me … my vote goes to SirRon based on my lack of ability to read. Regardless of how the kind moderator adjusted the current topic title, I’m certain that was a topic I just didn’t read in the previous forum threads during the contests beginning.

Please don’t let my idiocy reflect poorly on this wonderful system and crew of talented animators collectively. We all did such wonderful work and I’m just stupid.


:applause::buttrock:<---- what the hecks a ‘buttrock’??? It looks more like ‘Rock on!’

Topic Suggestion:

I loved the pass the ball concept. For those who like basketball, some really funky arial routines would be CRAAAAAAZZZZZZYYYYYYY (as long as we all passed the ball at the same left hand side of the screen)


Original post by desktopepics



Awkward Moment:

A very VERY difficult decision, but if I had to go by the exact meaning of ‘awkward moment’, I have to give it to AuloLincinio.

(sorry, Sir Ron … hands down, yours gave a GREAT performance and it took me a whole day to mull it over because it was going to you and you alone! But that nagging feeling I had was ‘awkward’, and I ‘felt’ tragic or devastated. AuloLincinio nailed it with the ‘Awkward’)

Oh no! I just realized the topic is EMOTIONAL or Awkward Stillness. Sirron’s animation falls under the EMOTIONAL stillness category of the topic. I am going to make the correction to the voting headline. Desktopepics please change your vote to sirron, because with what you said Sirron should get your vote.


i can not see the animation, why ?
who can tell me ? how to see the animation?


Haha, don’t worry about it desktop :slight_smile: I really appreciate you thinking about the animation and how it relates to the topic, even if you did miss the ‘emotional’ part.


You can find the animations here…


Just in case you missed it, I’ve started the topic voting thread.


Hello all,

My vote is as follows:

Emotional- SirRon

Awkwadr Stillness- AuloLicinio

Audio Clip- Sphere