vortex deformer


hi guys,
How can i do an animation like this in cinema4d?



Don’t know who made the original tutorial anymore, but it can be done with a simple plane with a jiggle deformer on it. And then in the jiggle deformer use the Particle-Rotation force in the forces-tab.

Good Luck


maybe an approach would be this:

  1. make a plane
  2. deform it´s vertices (with a displacer for example) in a turbulized way
  3. convert it to a poly object
  4. generate one ThinkingParticle on each vertex of it (so you have the same amount of particles and vertices)
  5. rotate particles by building a crossproduct of the Y-Axis of the center (you can put helper null object in the center of the plane and use its Y-axis) and the difference of the particles´ pointposition and the center (ParticlePosition minus CenterPosition).
  6. set this crossporduct as the ParticleVelocity - now every Particles moves with the same speed - to change this in order to get the spiral look, you have to:
  7. rangemap the distance and the velocity as following: the bigger the distance, the slower the particles (for example if distance is 0, velocity is 100. if distance is 100, velocity is 0. or whatever values fit to your setting).
  8. get new ParticlesPosition, set them as new VertexPosition

tip: it will be very slow with a lot of points - which you will have to use for such a result like in your example.

that should be it.

hope this helps.


Yader posted a nice tutorial which shows a possible workflow using jiggle with falloff and particle forces (as EdBEver suggests). By the way, Yader’s Vimeo page is a goldmine—really useful collection of tricks and tips.



thank you for the hints guys.


did it work out well?
did you find a solution?



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