Volumetric stage lighting techniques


Hi guys

I am working on a stage visualization for a church. Everything is built and surfaced and looks good. I am trying to add some stage lighting and other atmospherics. The problem I am having is with the Cinema4D volumetric lighting.

I have some good reference images (see attached) for some lighting looks but I cannot get C4D to match the look realistically. I may have to get a good render into Photoshop for some post work, but I would like to see how much better it is possible to make it in C4D.

If you look at the reference images - and at real life - volumetric light out of a fixture does not originate from a single point. It comes out in a cone or tube shape. The C4D volumetric spot lights originate from a very unrealistically sharp point. I would love to ‘thicken up’ the point where the beam of light begins.

I have tried many combinations of light type with the volumetric setting. I have tried doubling up lights where another omni light ‘hides’ the point of the spot with its own volumetric glow. I cannot get a satisfactory look and I have been at this for a few hours now getting nowhere. I searched the web for ‘realistic volumetric stage lighting’ and found nothing helpful.

Any tips or pointers would be really welcome.



I am not very familiar with cinema4D but I think should try out adding 2 big spot lights covering your whole stage visible in camera ,if you want you can add volume to it something similar to main color and then add rest of the lights with volume.
Or you should try some volumetrics like fluids to add that realistic feel and add lights again main colour should come from big lights covering the whole stage.