VolumeRays: how to do when my matte is offscreen?



I have a basic question, I use volumerays for a light, I have a matte ID of my light that I connect to the volumerays with a shuffle, everything works well. But my camera is moving and at some point the light (and the matte ID) goes offscreen. Then my volumerays are gone.
Do you have a solution? I’m sure it’s not that hard but I can’t find a way to do it.
My matte is in the EXR of my main output.

Thank you very much for reading and maybe for your help.


Should I forget my matte (alpha) and animate a rotomask?


you can render your matte id with overscan, so the information in it is still preserved even if it goes offscreen.


Thank you! I’m on 3ds Max, i think i’ve seen a script like that but it means i have to rerender the frames again and on max you cannot render a matte only, you have to render the whole thing. Of course I could do a material overide to avoid rendering with textures.
Can you tell me a little more about the processus in nuke when I rendered with overscan?

Thank you so much!


Depending on the shot, it may be faster to just add a framehold on the frame right before the MatteID goes offscreen, and just animate a transform node to continue it’s motion. Depending on what the motion is, it may not be noticeable and would be faster than a re-render.


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