Voltron: Defender of the Universe, Angel Nieves (3D)


Front page! gratz!


epic. :applause:

just epic.


Yeah ! I’ve got a toy version of this robot when I was young ^^
Great rendering and good compo.
Good job :applause:


Great model and rendering.


congratz on the front page! :applause:


Grew up watching Voltron GREAT job keep it up. :applause:


Mythical! haha Fantastic work :wink:


edit oops…


ha haha, that was one of my favorite character when i was a boy. I was wondering all the time, why they should draw the sword at the end of the fight, pick it up when you start to fight, finish it before it’s too late :slight_smile:

nice work


Thanks guys! :beer:


Great job, Angel! I see you’re back in Hotlanta these days … :slight_smile:

Has anyone else seen the life-size Gundam robot by the way? Awesome!


No offense, but… TOP ROW??

this is a decent model for sure, but only decent. the composition leaves much to be desired, and the overall color palette is basic and washed out. The texture work is (again) decent, but only just… where is the bump on the scratches? If paint has been scratched deeply enough to expose the bare metal underneath, this should affect the surface specular irregularity… Look at the left foot for a good example of this… Is this a realtime character? Even so I expect more out of shader work to tell the truth…

Also the whites are really blown out (on my professionally color calibrated CRT anyway, not sure how it looks on an average LCD). The left upper leg and part of the torso are almost completely lost in the background, while the blacks are (color checked) at 0/0/0. We could call it a personal preference, but then we’d just have to agree to disagree. Personally I think the only thing that’s missing is a gigantic lens flare over his left shoulder.

And this is by no means meant in offense to the original poster, so I hope you don’t take it the wrong way. Had I seen your WIP thread I could have brought these things up in there, but I saw it on the top row, which until recently I had thought was reserved for the best work the cgtalk community had to offer. So I apologize in advance as I am sure this is going to come off harsher than I actually mean it to.


:applause: Amazing! You did a very good job on voltron. I’ll be interested to see what you do with Gundum later. Good Job! Keep it up :slight_smile:


Best top row I have seen in a while.


Great job Angel !
Congrats for your front page !


Nice! You textured it cool!:buttrock:


Not quite.

Read through this. Our CG Choice Award gallery is for the best of the best. The front page plugs are to bring attention to anything cool or interesting going on around the forums, and as you can see, quite a few people got a kick out of this pic, and as such, it’s achieved its goal.


its really nice work… the textures are great

however i do find the lighting very flat and the composition and scale slightly off…

good work…



Looking great



Two thumbs way up on this one. It kind of fogs my critique since I am such a fan boy of Voltron. Thanks for bringing back the memories and giving me and probably a lot of others some good inspiration. I am excited to see the next one… I got my fingers crossed for Soundwave or Jazz…