Voltron: Defender of the Universe, Angel Nieves (3D)


Title: Voltron: Defender of the Universe
Name: Angel Nieves
Country: USA
Software: Lightwave 3D, Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

I modeled Voltron for the April CGS Hardcore mini modeling challenge and finally got around to finish the image. Sorry for the watermark but it must be done.

This was modeled in LightWave and Maya, textured and rendered in Maya using mentalray and composited in Photoshop. Thanks to all my friends that helped me make this image better, you know who you are, you all rock!


Wow! I HAVE RECOLLECTED THE CHILDHOOD!:applause: Nice textures)))


My childhood heroes too - great work as always man!


modeling & textures is very good but the detalis is not good 100% i thing

good lcuk 4 ever :beer:


good work!:applause:


the texture is great
good work


Wow! This looks so cool!

Great job on all of it


very good work :applause:

good luck with future projects.


Takes me back… Great job on it! Just a couple of crits…just nitpicking. :slight_smile:

  1. Don’t think there should be any defocusing in the background. It’s making the scene look small.

  2. The weathering on the textures seem off. Not sure if it’s the size of the eroded “spots”, or that the bump on some areas seem high. It’s also helping the scene feel small.


thanks for all the comments and feedback guys! :thumbsup:


Very nice work! Beautiful modelling and textures!


I totally agree. Makes me feel old for the memories but great work to appreciate.


What he said 100%


Hey Angel glad to see it finished this really came out great. It was fun watching it progress throughout the contest.

I recall that the lions were build individually, any plans on rendering them separated?
Great job. :thumbsup:


Hey Wyatt, you are right, the Lions were made individually but at this point I have no plans to render them separately. I would like to make a Gundam, a Veritech and an Autobot (still to be determined which one) so I don’t see myself working on this again… for now anyway.

Thx man!:thumbsup:


Hi Angel! This is looking good. I really like the texture on the robot. Also the lense flair works too. It’s hard to know what the scale of this robot is. Other than that, good work!



Guess you decided against doing em seperately huh? Meh, it still looks awesome! Good job


I love it! I was thinking of getting around to doing some Voltron loving at some point. Very nice.

This brings back sore memories for me as I loved Voltron as a kid in Canada but was cruelly dragged off to England at the age of 7 and never got to see it again until I was, erm, like 25 or something :frowning:


how cool, i was mentioning voltron this morning and then I came across this image here… that’s a sign!!!

Great image, love it… I like that it looks just like the original one from the cartoons … no “2010 new voltron SE” ehehe…

Just one thing, and it may be me, but some edges look too sharp, and it’s not like they shouldn’t be, but an unperceptive bevel on the edges makes a difference. Other than that, Love it. :slight_smile:

oh dear flashbacks…


Great job on this piece, I really enjoyed seeing this come together from a clay render to the final image you have here.