VoidFlow - tool to create various crystal structures


I would like to introduce you VoidFlow 1.0 - tool to create various crystal structures.
Builded geometry based on Voronoi tesselation. User adds a mesh object as Base, script builds particles automatically and uses them as centers of Voronoi polyhedrons.

Particles consists of two parts:

  1. Units - the centers of polyhedrons.
  2. Voids - the centers of voids to cut polyhedrons. (Each unit is also a void)

Well, the fact is you can use selected vertices as units and all vertices as voids to create some fantastic geometry very easily.


  1. Use Particle FLow to edit the units and the voids.
  2. Set Weight spinner less then 1.0 to create spaces between polyhedrons.
  3. Use any geometry as Unit object.

So test it and post you findings in this thread.
To run: MAXScript / Run Script / voidflow.mse


Looks interesting :slight_smile:


just my rocket :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool stuff, I’ll try that one. Also, I the way you’ve ‘spelled’ Nijni Novgorod is fun :smiley:


Gave it a try, got it to sorta working once, I may be a bit brain dead tonight, lots on runtime aborts. GAVE UP. Could you post the step by step instructions for DUMMYS . I like what you got going.


For example:

  1. Prepare a Base Object like shown on picture. Don’t forget to select central vertices.
  2. Use a small sphere as the Unit Object. Press Show Copies button to check the neighbourhoods.
  3. Pick Selected Vertices for Units and Vertices for Voids.
  4. Press Create button.


looks very useful for abstract work. nice!


Working on optimization… In the next version the cutting speed will be greatly increased. For example 1020 polyhedrons of this image was solved in 6 minutes. The above version did it in 90 minutes.

Next planned features: selecting, materials and animation.


Speed ups are always good. its real easy to grind the computer to a halt with this app.
Been making some weird looking stuff with your app, then applying PhysX to it for breaking.
Would be nice to have some random effect generation tool to mod the unit shape step by step as it builds.
Also interesting looking nano like machines can be made with this tool.

good luck.


The next version is coming soon, now i want to show first animation test.

Direct link: http://www.scriptattack.com/images/vfanimtest1.avi

Mirror on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzbXUeZWKYo


That looks very cool, looking forward to that new version :wink:




Looks freakin’ awesome! I’ll check it out.


Version 2.0 released

New Features:

  1. New Interface without particles.
  2. The speed of crystals creation was significantly increased.
  3. Multiple bases added (should be Editable Meshes).
  4. Cut-Voids - feature to cut every single unit of the current base by normal at vertex.
  5. Animation supported: you can create dat-files, and use my freeware BlenderFluid script to render them.

Don’t forget to select bases in the list before using buttons to choose type of the vertices. The interface works only with highlighted items of the list.

Tip: put Smooth modifier on blenderfluid object to get nice looking geometry.


COOL… will give it a run, ur first script was fun, but still trying to figure out how / if it can make real looking “crystals”.


I have created an independent extension of major script: now you can create, manipulate and animate crystals INTERACTIVELY. Use it to clearly understand the nature of units and voids.

Workflow is very easy:

  1. Press Add button at the left group. Geosphere (Unit) will be appeared.
  2. Press Add button at the right group (Geosphere must be selected). Point (Void) will be appeared.
  3. Repeat step 2 (up to 26 new points).
  4. Move Unit or Voids around. Crystal will be changed.
  5. Select some Voids and press left Add button. Script will convert Voids to Units.
  6. Select any single Unit and press right Add button. New Void will be appeared.
  7. Move or animate any object - all geometry will be changed.
  8. You can delete selected units and voids.
  9. You can convert selected units to voids.


There is the example of animation: http://www.scriptattack.com/images/vfext.avi


Looks supercool, i’ll try that first chance :slight_smile:


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