Voice Sugestions Here Please!!!


Hello everyone,

This challenge has been great and fun and has blown up into something huge !!! and has been tons of fun:)

With as large as this forum has become we thought it would be a good idea to start a thread for suggestions for the next challenge instead of haveing 25 diferent ones that get way off course ! so for now here is a general guidline to think of.

This will be for the modeling challenge! There may be a animating or texturing challenge started also, but for this thread please keep it about modeling and not texturing or animating. I think its easy to see how chaotic things can get if it is not organized .

Modeling Guidlines ,

Keep in mind that this is something that can be started and finished within a month! If you sugest the pod race scene with fans probaly isnt going to happen so keep realistic goals in mind.

A good idea to make it something everyone can enjoy chosing your favorite foot ball soccer teams etc probally wont sit well with others

Character descriptions , enviroments , tools , weopons , handicaps ,super powers , pets sidekicks , fashion , job description , so on are general things that will be easy to acomodate

Im not sure if friendly went over that well in the competition, maybe but consider outlooks on emotion! they can be taken as a character trait or a animators skill ?

These are just some guidlines to make it easier on everyone to read and follow! As the list grows ten pages long , post what youd like but please consider these to make it easier on everyone. Iin the end the sugestions may serve to decide if no other means is given

Cerreto ,LIL dragon


Great Cerreto, lets begin this again :slight_smile:

Ok guys with only a couple days left, in the Pascal Challenge let’s get some ideas going for the Feb (possibly March also) challenge, I’m not sure if we’re naming it after a member this time, but I for one would love to get involved on this one :slight_smile:

I suggest we lay down the ground rules first

How about this, with the recent trend of L.O.T.R stuff we don’t want to go there, but how about modeling a medieval creature of some sort, this time a four legged beast, hmm but then again that might be diffucult to rig for some… anyone have any themes in mind?

looking forward to this with high anticipation


i totally agree so far.

IMHO the idea of separate challenges(texturing, animation, modeling) is the best!

the topic must be universal and focused on skills improvement.

i love the medieval idea!
characters with lots of props are also great for learning!
a freestyle medieval maybe great (i.e. futuristic medieval style, alien medieval style, cartoon medieval style, etc…)
some envoirements are a cool optional too:)
lets make this “futurepros machine” roll!!!


yeh nice twist Logan, :wink: the reason I suggested Medieval is simply because they’re challenging as hell to model, and what better way to flex your modeling muscles than really challenging yourself to create a beast of power for instance :slight_smile: I love the furturistic idea too heheh


I like the idea of medieval – always have, always will. I do think it’s a bit mundane, but rather than complain, I’ll try to add to it.

  1. How about making it a medieval theme of a modern-day occupation like a dentist? Imagine what a medieval dentist would be like…oooch.

  2. For the beast-minded people, maybe we can limit it to a specific region, like ocean-going, forest dwelling, desert wanderer, etc.

  3. As an alternative to medieval, why don’t we invent a race of people, including build, skin color, history, etc. (quickly) and then have the monthly task be to populate a town with the various interpretations built by cgtalk artists. Maybe we could even have a side-by-side competition, where some people choose to model characters and others decide to do mechanical/architectural models to act as props for the townsfolk.

That’s it for now. Brain’s shutting down.



Hum, I would prefer the idea that is in Baby’s thread :

with a pic of ref, to model a head realisticaly, or toony or caricaturaly (oh my god, my english is so bad !!! I shouldn’t study that much !)

Well, read this thread !


Medieval is good but a little… fadish at the moment? I mean it’s getting to where another Orc is just about as bad as the spaceships, lensflares and 'my first human head’s of yesteryear. I say we lead trends instead of following them!

Having said that, obviously there’s little that isn’t being done, and I think ACFred is on the right track. We need to identify a variation on a theme.

Here’s a few things I wouldn’t mind taking a stab at:

[li]Landscapes. There’s a lot of scope for some serious modelling in picking a landscape setting. Something dramatic like a craggy cliffed shoreline for instance. It’s even harder to properly portray this sort of thing without using textures.
[/li][li]Forrest. There’s a lot of modelling opportunities in being even more specific and defining a smaller area to fill, and lot’s of tangents to go on, creatures, odd flora, stately trees, good ground cover, vines, all sorts.
[/li][li]Verne. I’ve always been a fan of Jules Verne, and it’d be nifty to flesh out that Victorian steampunkish look.
[/li][li]Architecture. Pick a specific piece, or facade to aim for. In fact, perhaps just facades in general. Something like “model an interesting building facade”. You’d have castles and temples and opera houses and museums and all sorts vying for attention.



Medieval is good, there are things to avoid like LOTR I agree, but maybe we should go for a demon demi-god I like the idea of a 4 legged creature and I don’t think we should be worrying about model rigging or character skills.

The process should be all chip in characteristics that define the character then we have to look at how to build it, kind of push the bar high and then try and reach it.

Would it be possible to collect say 20 or 30 different features, place these in a poll everyone votes and the top ten feautures become our character ?




some kind of future noir feeling, either as a character model, or as an environment (I’m liking the landscape idea)

big William Gibson fan here:D


Hmmmm im seeing something fun emerge with as many people that joined in last time , im thinking it would be interesting to let people decide character/ or enviroment based on the same theme with character traits time period etc in mind .

This would make it a lil more interesting for all! Instead of 80 characters you could have 40 characters and 40 enviroments. this would let us all get to see a lil more. The key would be to keep the traits related, for example on this challlenge we could have done space pirates and those who dodnt want to do the character could have done the pirates ship or pirates bar basing it on the character traits futuristic alien etc

Just an idea thats whats great about the challenge undr our collective brainstorming it can grow into what ever we all want maybe even enough for a short one day , maybe just fun and games keep the ideas roolin



I like where this is going.

Since not all of us are character/organic modelers a few related/sub challenges would be nice.

perhaps some things to do

a good voting system should be defined for deciding what topic or characteristics the challenge should have.

a good challenge website/place where all people can put their finished work (including original meshes, like for compositing them with the sub challenge enviroments,…?)


Hmm, I doubt people would post meshes, but I’m sure if we really wanted to, we could work out a system to get each other’s cameras, then comp our stills work together. Heck, people could get together and try teaming up on Clark and Blanche :slight_smile: *

Just thought of another theme too: Sci Fi book cover. It’s broad enough to encompass any kind of image, character based of not, and should be a lot of fun. If we go down that route, we could collectively vote on ideas for the storyline, which would determine the characteristics of the cover. I’d go for: alien world, exploratory (Clarke/Niven style), visitors.


*Though there needs to be a by law that forbids a Clark-Blanche union :wink:


this tread just gets better and better…

i like the idea of environments… :smiley:

steampunk and cyberpunk especially

should people be allowed to do both character and environments or should we be limited to just one?


I m more for the Subagio’s theme. Why not a sci Fi Theme?
Book cover or a parody of a movie… So, you can make caricatures or cartoon styles…

“Mess with the bests, Die like the rest…”

Je suis plus pour l’ idée de Subagio. Pourquoi pas un thème sur la Science Fiction?
Couverture de livre ou parodie de films… Comme ca, ceux qui le veulent pourront faire des caricatures ou exploiter un style cartoon…

“Bats toi avec les meilleurs, Crèves avec les autres…”


Well, here’s my 2 cents. What if you take the medieval theme, but shift the focus away from a super character to the acessories and enviroment surrounding it. Even recycle your previous characters and now insert them into an enviroment that either matches them or contrasts. That way the challenge starts to lean more toward scene completion rather than just repeating character modelling.

ooo…brainfart… better yet what if the contest rotates through the various stages of setting up a scene. Modelling (characters, enviroments, toys), texturing, lighting, etc… ending several months later with a final scene or animation.


Taoizm interesting perspective, but what about those of us who’s not in this present challenge? and what if you miss one? I like the idea tho, but I dunno…


Then Pascal and Matt should donate their models. :smiley: (jk)

Like I said, just a brain fart. If that were to happen I’d be one challenge down myself. :slight_smile:


Bladerunner… eeh ok…

How about a interpretation of Atlantis? I think atlantis is a very good theme for a challenge. It could look medieval or futuristic, or maybe even a combination of the two.
I mean, lets face it, nobody even knows how it looked like. All they know it probably lies below the arctic ice.
(and yes, i’m into history and von daniken and stuff… :slight_smile: )
Something like “last day on atlantis” or “the downfall of atlantis”, and then try to capture that in the atmosphere of your creation.


Well, I think I mentioned this before, but someone nixxed the thread on me. I’d be interested in something Post-Apocalyptic (Fallout) style. All you ever see is either sci-fi or medievil these days. I am really into humanoid organic modelling, so I may be biased here. How about something like “Post Apocalypse Warrior” or something.

This leaves the door open for any interpretation, whether it be human or alien, doesn’t matter. Hell for those medievil fans, you could make it a cybernetically modified orc or dwarf on steroids. So ya, I can dig the CYBERPUNK theme as mentioned earlier.

Little bit of the fantasy mixed in with Sci-fi could yield some very interesting results. So I guess that would kinda fall under the sci-fi/Fantasy realm, huh? Kinda pleases all the fantasy as well as sci-fi fans here. Ok, I’m done now.


p.s. Hmm, I just went full circle didn’t I? hehe


Mads, I think you hit it there, the “fallout” type theme is awesome, I love that game :slight_smile: and like you said it leaves you open to different interpetations, which is what we want…

this is awesome and it pleases both masses :slight_smile: plus the environmentalist…

So can we all agree on the theme as being

“Post Apocalypse”

if we can agree on that, we have our setting… I for one love it :slight_smile: