Voice-O-Matic 3Ds Max - License File????


Hi there.

In a recent turn of events, I just purchased the full Voice-O-Matic plugin for 3Ds Max 2015. *However, the full version would not work unless I have received my license file. *I also received an email saying it will be manually processed within the next 24 to 48 hours. *Although I have been waiting for the license file for a good 48 hours, I still haven’t received it yet.

Is there something I might’ve missed while registering for the information?


Hello, did you hear from them yet?
Same situation here, I just bought voice-o-matic for maya
and no license yet. It was 350CAD so no cheap mistake.


Did you get any answer from them ?
Same for me, I sent them a request 5 weeks ago, and no answer.
Maybe try to call them directly on phone. Worked for me about one year ago for my licence.
I’m wondering if they still really exist… :frowning:

I’m thinking about finding an alternative but didn’t find it yet. If someone has an idea ?
I’m looking for something easy to use with 3DS Max, and quick to setup because I work on small budgets and have no need to go deep in details.


I did get my license, couple of days waiting getting little edgy
but everything fine at the end.


I am having a problem getting the authentication to work