Vlad, Olivier Ponsonnet (3D)


very very nice work i like it 2 mcuh the modeling is very good

good luck 4 ever :beer:


Another great work!!! many compliments :thumbsup:


amazing work always.


beautiful as always man:)


Always, exciting to see your work, it’s really amazing and inspirational :slight_smile:


Funny I was checking your portfolio lately to see if you posted new work,
amazing artwork as usual :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


great work
good :thumbsup:


Beautiful piece!
5 stars to me


Your work is always so good drool …5 stars!


Very cool - look forward to reading some more backstory on this image (and its creation).


wow . great . i like the eyes .
all is good and very nice .


amazing as always dude!! really like his eyes and expression…very evil!! keep rocking!! :buttrock:


alright! you’re finally back!
great work as usual!


Excellent work, except postproduction, somehow it reminds me photo printed in cheap newspaper. Probably because of odd contrast and lack of black.


what an interesting face, you’ve done great job!


C’est magnifique Olivier !


if i had to die bitten by a vampire and a had a choice to choose who would it be, i would choose him :slight_smile:


Nice job, Plugged.


cool! it’s a long time to see your works!:beer:


wow that is great work, five stars :beer: