Vlad, Olivier Ponsonnet (3D)


Title: Vlad
Name: Olivier Ponsonnet
Country: France
Software: 3ds max

Here is my latest work. I started to work on this piece a few months ago but did not have time to finnish it until a few days ago. I’ve tried to create a face with sharp and clean features in contrast with the blood splat on his mouth. The modelling, lighting and shading were created with 3dsmax and textures painted using PS. I also used PS to add noise, color corrections and a slight chromatic aberration.


God, i’m your fan,Nice to see your new work:drool:


Nice new work Olivier :slight_smile:

I like a lto his eyes .

Funny, I just wonder when I’ll see the next Reiv artwork few days ago ^^

Take care, and again great work done :thumbsup:

(PS: Vlad pour Vlad Tepes Dracula , dit l’empaleur ? :beer: )


Very Good Work Man


Very impressive character! I love it. :buttrock:


Awesome! I like he’s expression a lot. Nice to see you are posting again. I’ve noticed you started to work in industry so I’m guessing that takes your free time away from your personal projects.

Love your works man, Keep it up!



Nice work man. Awesome render. :applause:


Wow Awesome!
Very nice shaders, and lighting/rendering!
Mental ray?
I would look at it the wireframe if he may be.:slight_smile:


nice work Olivier but I think the scene was a bit darker.


o my god,your works are aways my favorite,man:bowdown:


Absolutely amazing…

Love the eyes… have deep emotions there… Stunning work…


Exellent work Olivier !! as always !


awesome as always. ^ ^


WOW, Awesome:buttrock:


I’m fan tooooooo, do you plan willl make “making off”?


another master piece from one of my favourite artists!:bowdown::bowdown:


That’s a genuinely creepy image, it really disturbs me, congratulations on making me feeling like that. My only crit is the thing on his chin, it is a bit ambiguous, is it metal or blood soaked lace?


nice to see a new work from you Olivier. Recognizable only with the thumbnail. Nothing to crit really.


Nice Work, congratulations


wow man nice detail i relly like the mood…lol