Vitor Vilela - Animation Session 11 - Action Cut


Yo!! :smiley:

Now it’s real… I need to finish this one!!

Here is my puppet

No story at this moment, but I’ll think about it the whole night and post it here tomorrow.

Good luck everyone, hope to learn a lot from you guys!!

Vitor Vilela


That character is really cool but somehow creepy! He looks like a magician who would pull people out of a hat.



That’s definitely a freaky looking model. Can’t wait to see it animated.


I see similarities to your avatar with that character :wink:



Jozvex, heheh thanks, he suppose to be weird anyway… and you kind of get the spirit of my short film… please don’t tell it to anyone :smiley:

timothyD, thanks dude :thumbsup:

NatXotic, yes… those are the main character of my first short film… it’s not done yet, but I think interesting to test them here. you can see a bit more about it in my site.

Well… I have done a few sketchs for this animation but I still need to scan it… I’ll post it here ASAP.

Vitor Vilela


Ok… here it is, nothing original:

  1. There he is, happy skiping around…
  2. and suddenly he stops, something caught his attention.
  3. it’s something good, beautifull, hmmm… he get closer to the camera, hypnotised.
  4. it’s a rabbit paradise (a carrots plantation) :smiley:

Critics and sugestions are very welcome.

Vitor Vilela


is it just me or is everyone else getting a broken link ? :frowning:


Nice idea, Vitor !

I think that it it might be difficult to squeeze all this into 100 frames, but I’m eagerly watching your progress.


Hi everyone,

isometrix, try it now, I think it is fixed.

Suricate, thanks man… yeah, in fact I was thinking about it… 100 frames is not enough… but I’ll try… I can change the story if I don’t get a nice result.

Well, here is my progress,

just starting a skip walking… 2 steps might be enough for it… i guess :rolleyes:

C&C please.

Vitor Vilela


Good start so far. Some things I noticed:

  1. His skipping has some weight, but then no weight. This has to do with his feet sliding. Look @ his left foot at frame 19, for example, as this is your recoil position. This foot needs to stay planted until he lifts off into the skip.

  2. Also on the recoil positions, consider doing a spine reversal, as that will give it some more weight.

  3. Nice leading and following action on the hands.

  4. Those ears are gonna rock once u get them bouncing.

Keep moving!



As the freeze position i would do the “hunting dog thing”.
u know what i mean? the thing u see in cartoons from four legged characters when they nail down an object. crossed feet up and a straight back with the nose towards the prey :slight_smile:

But probably this will be too much for 4 seconds


That Road Cone guy is right - the character is much more real during the first skip, just because of the planted foot.

I just wanted to say that I’m a moron, cause I’ve looked at your model maybe half a dozen times in the past three days, and today is the first time that I noticed his ears are one-in-front-of-another instead of the more traditional side-by-side bunny ears.

Alright, NOW I think it’s a freaky model.



I saw the foot slip on the first skip aswell, just very slight


Hello Everyone!!

So sorry, I’ve been very busy lately, but now I’m back… I’ll try to finish this one I swear :smiley:

vrljc, thanks so much man… nice critics, it helps me a lot :wink:

NatXotic, Good idea… I’ll try it, thanks

RaisedByWolves, hahah thanks man :smiley:

OK, here is a new update… still working on the skip walking, next step: poses.

Vitor Vilela


Hi Vitor!!!

looks great as ussally! keep going… “Run Forrester, run!”…

He he he…

Good luck my friend! : )



Hey Mrsolo

Thanks my friend!! Your words means a lot to me :wink:

Here is another update

Critics please!! I just have one day to improve it :frowning:

Vitor Vilela


Hi everyone, here is my final version.

I wish I have more time to improve it, but that’s ok… I can wait the next session :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback

Vitor Vilela


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