Vitality, Junhuang (3D)


Title: Vitality
Name: Junhuang
Country: China
Software: 3dsmax6

done in 3dsmax6,render in mentalray.I want to show a spirit of the vitality.I use the pflow and the blobmesh to make the flow,and join the water plane to the blobmesh.The material I use the mentalray glass shader,and use a HDR map for environment.

the wire


I like it, I made something like this not long ago. Quick question, is the waterplane making ripples from the collision? When you animate it does it look decent?


It made me thirsty…
It looks good.

vrgz: you live in Hong Kong right?
Do you have msn?

Anyways keep up the work and maybe show us an animation.


oh,sorry,in hk there is long fact i am not live in hk,but i live near i am in shanghai.far away from hk.may be we can be a friend?

sorry 4 my english.


oh,the waterplane is only use the world deform.the ripples is not from the collision.because this is a still, and not for animation.i think if this an animation,i will use some plugins like realflow or glud3d to make this.


I love it. It reminds me of a coke ad!


oh thanks!


wow, that looks really good. i havent tried to use the pflow system to try and make water. all i have used it for so far is fire and smoke. that looks really great man

how long did the render take?


i like it, great job


about 13min,my pc is intelp4 2.4g 2gRAM


wow this looks great! :thumbsup: good job :applause:


There was a Pepsi ad(around 1993-1995)that was similar. The soda being poured and splashing resembled a basketball player dunking the ball.

Definitely ad quality. Nice job.


oh,thanks everyone!


Cool!!! I like it very very much! Can you write a lesson about making of this fantastic picture.


oh it just a pf to hit a plane,and use the blobmesh to join them.and use mentalray render.


you got your vitality spirit… nice one… even the ripple plain is more like a nuclear explosion in the pacific than what actually really is… :thumbsup:



Nice! I like it.
Can you explain how you made it? :slight_smile:


Wow, that is very cool. Really lovin the colors too. Some of the droplets on the left of the splast seem a little weird, kinda big and bulbous compared to the other side which was more spray like.

Anyway great render and wonderful image.


I spent 10 hours yesturday trying to find out how to make a PF splash, making it ripple dynamically as well. If you find out how to do it please help me.

Will fake it for now. Top Job inspiring


Beautiful, can u animate it? :slight_smile: