Visualizing Character - NPC female soldier roughs



Are there any top-down 3rd person stealth games? This is the NPC female soldier. The NPC would be viewed from the top, and the player would look around each level, again, from the top.

This is where I am right now: I opened a range of doors, D, E, and F.

  1. Is any of them, D, E and/or F a creative development of an anatomy unique and interesting?
  2. Is F under the anatomy style you can see here

Now, before getting to the present above art, these are the previous tasks I finished:

Did I show costume design knowledge, by setting these costume constraints?

This is the NPC female soldier initial design for her face. Is this under the industry’s standards of a rough level of finish?

Should roughs be quick, in all its fresh and unfinished look, in order to match fit a Concept Artist’s job?

  • Does quickly doing roughs of one antagonist NPC dramatically improve my portfolio? Will this personal project for my portfolio make it a lot more achievable landing a Concept Art job? I feel that in this project what matters first is how well balanced, quickly rough sketched is my NPC.
  • For better reading when choosing a costume among costumes, does anyone use a taylor’s dummy instead of body silhouettes?
  • Does this satisfy mostly the women gamers audience?

PS: I understand that an actual concept art job doesn’t involve glamorous tasks, as in creating a hero character for a game; the lighting or compositing of a complex battle sequence; storyboarding an entire action sequence by myself. That’s why I’m choosing this character design personal project and not other personal projects (like teenage mutant dinossaurs ninja killers).