VisualFX sequence, need comments


Hi all,

Here is a small sequence done in 3ds Max and FumeFX. Its a fighter hitting a helicopter and finally the explosion. The helicopter is hidden on the video, it becomes visible only when the fighter hits it.

Requesting comments.



The explosion coincides with the actual jetdisappearing and occurs at approximately the same space, making it look like it’s the actual jet that explodes. At no point a helicopter becomes visible.

Animation-wise, you would expect debris from either the chopper or jet to shoot forward in the direction the jet was heading, considering its speed. Maybe it is and it’s just not very obvious because of the perspective, not sure.


Thanks Tomfisher,

Here is an update on it. I made the same post on another thread. I had the update posted over there, but forgot to do it here. Please have look into this video. Thanks again.



Pretty cool. Next you may want to try and match the lighting conditions of the background image. It is a sunny day with the sun coming from the left (see building shadows), but your models are extremely dark.

There’s also something a bit off with the initial explosion - can’t quite put my finger on it. It might be the color or the circular dark spots which at fast motion look like spirals. I am guessing that it’s a particle system explosion. Have you considered compositing a real explosion? Might add quite a bit of realism.


Thanks Tomfisher,

I am having a very hard lighting the scene with the bright background image. Thought of changing the image at one point, then I thought of taking the challenge.

You’re right it is particle systems. Its the low quality of the fire that creates the dark spots on it. A high quality render might take it off I guess.

I will do composite this after I have done with animation.

Thanks again.


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