Visual/Special Effects Assistant


Company Information:
Located in beautiful Langley, British Columbia, Silhouette Images Inc. provides visual/special effects (VFX) services for film
and television as well as commercials. We use cutting edge software to produce the industry’s best visual/special effects.
We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest level of quality possible.
Job Duties:
Silhouette Images Inc. is looking for an experienced special/visual effects assistant with an expertise in computer generated
special/visual effects.
Job duties will consist of the following:
 Support and assist the Visual/Special Effects Supervisor with all tasks.
 Review and provide input on material and content provided by the Visual/Special Effects Supervisor, specifically in
regards to methods to enhance and optimize/streamline work flow. The ideal candidate will build “pipelines” (a
process to making visual/special effects contents in a standard procedure, which include flow of data and
information between all departments).
 Structure and maintain daily schedule of the Visual/Special Effects supervisor, all staff, clients and projects.
 Maintain and use in house software, hardware and other tools to produce content, generate scripts and improve
production output.
 Research and review new technologies to stay up to date with the most recent advancements and report findings to
the Visual/Special Effects Supervisor.
 At least nine (9) years of experience working in a position in the visual/special effects industry, including
experience completing the above-noted tasks.
 At least 6 (six) years of experience working in computer generated visual/special effects for film, television and
 Completion of secondary school is required and completion of a post-secondary degree is preferred.
 Expert or advanced knowledge in 3ds Max. Houdini, Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects and Vray.
 Well versed in Microsoft Excel and Google Calendar scheduling.
Terms of Employment:
 Project based
 Full-time,
 $26 per hour.
4677 206A Street
Langley, British Columbia, V3A 0K3
Contact: Please email your résumé to