Visual Music (short film)


Finally I finished my graduation film. It´s a music video about a man trapped in a dream. His world, consisting of “plattenbauten” (buildings made with precast concrete slabs) begins to fall apart…
Filmed with a homemade 35mm adapter and animated with Cinema 4D+MoGraph.
Music by Amon Tobin.

View small & ugly version (YouTube)
View small, medium and large plus animation and rendering breakdown

 For additional information, more shorts and illustrations go to [](

(I am looking for an interesting job right now, so feel free to contact me!)


Great stuff here!


very cool!
keep up the good work :slight_smile:


love the music, cool visuals, very fitting. Amon Tobin right?



Thank you all for the kind words!
@csmallfield: Yes, that´s Amon Tobin. I just love his music. It lends itself towards a narrative music video/shortfilm.


Now there is a YouTube version available. For your viewing pleasure! :slight_smile:


Wow it s great !!
impressive editing !! ^^
Congrats ! :thumbsup:



i´ve added a lot of information on this music video:

  • pictures of the 35 mm adapter
  • interview with 3d attack
  • documentation + dvd design

you can view all of this at!


Very artsy :smiley: I liked it! Technically perfect tracking/rendering on the effects as well. Great job!


a little update on the whole festival circuit-> screenings and awards:

Time Warp Film Award, 2008
Art Directors Club Exhibition, 2008
Festival des halluzinogenen Films, 2008
Kurzsuechtig, 2008
Euroshorts Filmfestival: Best Animation, 2007
Istanbul Short Film Festival, 2007
Jugendvideopreis, 2007
3D Attack Magazin: Feature-Interview, 2007


Visual Music was selected by ONEDOTZERO and will be screened as a part of “terrain” 08/09!


getiing a bit bored by always seeing boxed getting extruded out of buildings on the beat in D&B clips :slight_smile: but enjoyed the other stuff


Awesome work!


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