I am an AI student. I am considering Visual Effects & Motion Graphics for a major. I have heard that the software used for these technologies is increasingly being made more affordable with easier access for the “casual user” who wants to play around at home. I understand that if I receive superb training at AI in this field, I may be highly trained and be able to do more with the software than most but what I’m worried about is that the talent in this field may become a little saturated if the “casual user” can get in there and create something comparable to what I’d learn at AI. Am I just paranoid? I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on my education and then learn down the road I could have purchased online and taught myself (also chosen a different major). I’m just trying to make an informed decision here so any advice is welcome. I may just go ahead and choose Game Art & Design in the end…


I think you should study what you want to do as a career. The last thing you want is to be stuck at your job wishing you’d done what you wanted instead of hedging your bets on a more stable industry. You’re spending a small fortune to go to an AI; get what you want from it.

As for self-taught VFX artists, you’re going to have two advantages over them: First, you’ll be learning the principles rather than just the software (assuming the instructors at your school are good—I am at AI Colorado, and the VFX teachers there are quite good). Second, you’ll be making contacts that can help you get employed. Take advantage of friendships with other students. Impress the instructors. These people may just turn out to be in a position to help you along in your career, and in turn, you might be able to help them as well.


VFX and motion graphics together? That’s a really, really strange combination.


I’m a little befuddled on what you are asking here: Is it a choice between what type of major or a choice between school and self taught? Let’s start there first.



Yep, VFX and Motion Graphics are offered togetrher at AI. I believe that specific program is a new program though. So that is a strange combo in a good way or a bad way? Let me know what you’re thinking. I’m lost when it comes to the rationality of all this stuff. I’m as new to this as you can be. I realy appreciate your comments.


It’s a choice between majors. I would realy enjoy some advice on which major to choose. I know what I’d love to do, but some advice on what major would provide me with the best job prospects once I’ve graduated would be very helpful. The other progams I’m considering are the Animation program AI offers as well as the Game Art & Design program. Maybe all of these choices are great. Let me know and thanks for the reply. Allready enrolled at AI, just have to make a choice!


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