Visual Effects course in Singapore?



I am from India and wish to make a career in VFX.I am looking for a good course in Singapore on VFX.You can say that I wish to earn from scratch.I have some knowledge of AE and PS, but that’s all.Nothing to really get me started in the VFX field.

So I wish to study VFX, learn things and then hone them from thereon myself, once I know what is what.

Could you suggest some good colleges, schools, universities that offer good VFX courses?Not just on paper but really good ones that teach what they promise.



Anyone?I am more interested in 2D aspect of VFX but don’t mind studying the other stuff like 3D as a part of the syllabus.


Do you have a specific company in mind you would like to work for? Or maybe people that you see and admire their work? I would look up those people in linked-in, and check in what University and degrees they got. In case non of them had university studies (it happens), you would at least find more about their skills and education prior to their current job.

Let me know. I’ll ask some coworkers that used to work at Lucas Film about universities back at Singapore. :thumbsup:

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Hi!Thanks alot, that is very nice of you.As such, I dream of but don’t expect to get a job at the very best of studios immediately after graduation/or completing the course.I am ready to gain 1-2 yrs experience at smaller studios.Lucasfilm and double negative are the ones I currently have in mind…Lucasfilm has a Jedi masters program but I need prior education to qualify for that…And that makes me look for a college/university that can teach me from scratch and once I know the a-b-c, I can hone my skills from thereon.

I am more interested in 2d vfx but don’t mind learning 3d as a module/part of the course.


Anyone please…?


I made some research on my inmediate contacts, and they work at singapore, but didnt studied there. Do you have a portfolio? What do you would like to do. All of it? Or you are interested n specific parts of the VFX process? Maybe if I can know more about your motivations and dreams, I might be able to guidebyou better. Also, what is your budget? I think thats the biggest question, since you might find a great school, but the price migh be off your budget.


Hi, thanks alot…

I am interested in the 2d aspect of the vfx…I am interested in compositing, but when I say 2d it also includes rotoscoping, tracking and everything, so basically everything 2d in vfx is something I am interested in.

Budget is not an issue.

I seriously want to do lucasfilms Jedi program but I need a prior education to qualify for that.Perhaps those already working in singapore must be having some idea as to which institute/school or uni offers good vfx courses, good enough to get you started in industry be it as rotoscoping artist…?

Once in the industry I can work my way up, but I need to learn enough vfx to get started at the 1st place…


Check this out as it may be of interest.



Artists that work on 2D and do matte painting, tend to have a strong drawing and photography background. That is normally given by traditional art schools.

I would go into linkedin and browse through profiles of people working at LucasFilm. Make an excel sheet, and start adding all the schools from people working there. Add up +1 if a school repeats itself. Why? Recruiters already know what schools are having the best output for their production. It might be the one that pops-up the most.

Have you called and asked what schools would they recommend, or have affiliation with? Sometimes companies have internship programs linked to local schools.


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I checked with our expert Donna Klym at She was able to find the following two schools for you. One is called Nanyang, and the other one is called FDZ Design. Nanyang was listed as #77 of the top 100 animation schools in the world, according to Animation Career Review in an April 17

This one also looks promising, and might just be what you are looking for

Here is a description of what they offer.

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Hi, this is very lovely, thanks alot.I will take a detailed look at the links you posted and also email some vfx studios asking what school they recommend.You are right.Like ubisoft singapore often tends to hire graduates from digipen.Same way these vfx studios may also be having some preferences.

I will check and post here, kindly keep an eye on this thread. :slight_smile:


Your welcome!

I think that they will be surprised to hear a call asking for information on how to work for them, and not just “please give me a job”. Keep me updated! I’m subscribed to the thread, so I’ll be getting any reply. :thumbsup:

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Hi, I emailed DOuble Negative, Lucasfilm and a local singaporean studio as well.
I await their response now.

Meanwhile, could you take a look at cgprotege?

I mean the websites always look promising.But perhaps someone has completed their course or even has heard good things about them?



I’m getting you some information directly from the trenches, from supervisors that work at Singapore. One thing that they asked me, was if you where born in Singapore. It seems that some schools only allow for students born inside the country. Second: How many years do you plan in doing? There are some good bachelor’s degrees. It is my impression that you want more a diploma and not a bachelor?

Also, after asking around about the Jedi Program, they say its the best. That it is totally worth it. However, I heard that if they select you to work for them, you are commited to work for 2 years under minimum wage (2000 usd per month). I heard that rent is an average of 1500 usd, so its not an easy life. However, the people that have worked with them, say they are some of the best artists they’ve ever worked with


The work from the students looks good, but not great. Work like the one shown would certainly give you a job, but you will not be able to compete against the best schools in the world. That is based of course, that their student’s gallery is their best. I would wait a bit to see if they update the site with better work. You never know: They might have better work, just not uploaded yet.

I think it is great that they have an Apprenticeship Training. However, that does not mean all students get to that level where they are under the guidance of a company. It could be 1 out of 30. It does not really say much.


Thanks alot, I cannot be more greatful for the information you are bringing to me.

I am still awaiting the replies from the few whom I have emailed.
Meanwhile, I joined linkedin to get in touch with Patrick Woo, vfx consultant at cgprotege.He has worked at double negative singapore.

His bio brought me to Ngee Ann’s 3 year diploma vfx course.

He then did a diploma from cgprotege too.

Which one do you think is better?Ngee has detailed syllabus but cgprotege has industry ties that they claim, have special program to qualify for the jedi track, etc. etc.So if I can atleast get into the industry just by doing a 2 year course + extra course of jedi to qualify + jedi program itself, rather than 3 years course + jedi program, I can settle faster.Because I already spent 3 years for a degree in Psychology.

But to answer your question, I am still open to both degree and diploma programs.I wish to have all the options first and then pick up one. :slight_smile:

To your questions:

  • No, I am born and brought up in India.But have an aunt who is a PR there.But it doesn’t matter I think.
  • As I said, I am open to both degree and diploma programs.If someone from within the industry recommends any, I would give it a special preference.
  • Jedi program is the best, but could you please ask them which course could make me eligible to qualify for the jedi program?Because I have to present a showreel to qualify and I can only do that if I have studied vfx prior.
  • 2000 a month for 2 years not an issue.But what after that?What is the average one can expect?

Thanks alot once again for all the help you are doing.


I sent you a PM to your account, with important information. Its all you need.


Don’t Mean to hijack your post but,
Can you guys help me out as well?
Even i’m looking for schools offering Visual Effects Courses in Singapore.
But i still have some time as i am only 16, and have one more year of school left.

Thank you :slight_smile:


My first wuestion would be “why Singapore?”.


The main reason is that i have family there.
And i have heard, that only study where you want to work.