Visual effect course in Singapore


Hey Everybody…

I have done Bachelor’s in Computer Application. I m vry much interested in Multimedia. I knw lil bit of After effects, Photoshop and premiere,etc. I want to learn more and make career in Visual Effect field…
Plz suggest me Best college in Singapore for Visual effects.
And guide me what should i do next to Get into the industry…

Plz Help…


i currently studying at 3dsense media school, the animation course is great, the teacher is helpful, but the vfx course is quite unhelpful if you dont do research on your own since the teacher does not quite support you, thats what i feel, but that depends for each person


Thanx for the reply…
A person has to work hard in evry field… And as i said i already knw abt some softwares of Visual effects which makes me more n more interested in this field…

any suggestions abt the course n collg???


everything have its own benefit and takeback, but if you say in singapore I’d recomend this school that I’m in now

1 year diploma with guranteed industry ready portfolio is not bad deal at all


umm if you already studied computer animation, u should be familiar with maya, right

what’s your true intention in joining the vfx course?
if you want someone to guide you through some software like houdini, nuke, real flow, then this course is not for you because this course didn’t teach those software

the good thing about this course is you can the school facility for 24/7, u got digital tutor member so you can do some research at your own time, friendly teacher that will guide you whenever you have problems (mostly), the location is great (above clark quay stn), many iindustry talks, good counceling

I’m actually satisfied with this course, because in only 6 month I have leaped from 0 to 6
when I was first enter this school, I don’t know anything about this industry, I can’t even draw nicely
now I see so much improvement


ooohhkk… Tht seems Good…
I’ll go through its website once…
Do they hav ny internship plans???


i dont think they have, but they help their alumni find a job

here’s the website


but what’s your passion regarding vfx?
if you are passionate about dynamic or any simulation, don’t go to this course.

this course is really limited to maya syntheyes zbrush and after effects
their vfx is only about rotoscoping, matchmoving and compositing

I will say their animation course is good, the teacher is professional and the teaching method is very nice, the modeling teacher is friendly and helpful, they maake the lesson fun and easy to follow, but the vfx… I’ll describe vfx course here is the teacher is limiting us in the use of the software and the method and the result that he use is not really satisfying

he said to us he’ll change his teaching method , I hope this course got better


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