Visiting Chernobyl for the first time


Visiting Chernobyl for the first time next month. So basically I want to book a tour that counts. Any recs? Is anyone familiar with chernobyl holidays?

Currently, the number of cases of COVID is growing in Ukraine, but I hope everything will be okay.


Well, I personally wouldn’t recommend it…

According too recent reports released earlier this year, remnants of fissile material left over from the 1986 disaster have begun smoldering again ‘basically akin to hot coals left on a BBQ’ particularly deep inside the still inaccessible basement where readings had detected an increasing number of neutrons which may indicate new fission reactions within nuclear debris scattered about during the initial chain reaction when at the point of meltdown, reactor four exploded.

Anyway for the being at least, I’d suggest staying well clear, perhaps alternatively a leisurely cruise may be a moar attractive option especially now that various cruise lines are advertising covid safe travel alongside offering great package deals aboard their respective floating resorts:


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ouhhh, wooow!