Hi to all…My humble submission to the NVArt Surreal Contest…Used 3D Studio Max and Adobe Photoshop to create this conceptual piece…


Whenever we create something from our heart it becomes a vision through our heart. Anything that involves our interest and passion is said to be something from the heart…Thats Jacek Yerka’s brilliant ideas, as to me he has made things wid his heart, each and every aspect of his own artistic styling depicts that he follows his heart and that’s why he has reached to such heights and touched those galaxies…

I hope u all would like it…Thanks alot for viewing…All the very best…Take carez

Best Regards,


I like the concept so much! I think it adds a lot to the beauty of the image, to have an interesting thought behind it–it’s what I like about Yerka’s work, too. Good luck! (Oh, and any picture with Saturn in it would have my vote too;-)


The concept is great!:thumbsup: the main part" the head" look good as well, add the shadow and texture willl help a lot. good luck!


Hi Hasan,

It is a great concept and I really like your style. This has a very serene and lyrical feel. Your work on the face is beautiful and reminds me of the sphynx. It is a nice contrast with the planet. Congratulations and good luck!


Hi LWPerkins, Well loads of thanks for such a nice comment and appreciating my work and the concept behind it…Really glad to have ur beautiful and encouraging comment indeed…Well yeah Yerka always had that brilliant concepts behind his artworks…Thanks alot for voting the appearance of Saturn there :love:…God bless ya! Keep smiling:)

Hi Heri, thank u so much for ur valuable suggestion and admiring my work and the concept…Well yeah I also wanted to do more work on this piece…But deadline had come so I had to submit it before deadline…Thanks alot for the appreciation so nice of u…God bless ya! Keep smiling:)


Hi Lynda, am really glad to have ur comment full of appreciation and encouragement…So sweet of u…Am really glad u liked that concept and the visualization of it…Well yeah I wanted to have that serene and sophisticated kinda look in that piece…Good luck to u too…God bless ya! Stay well:)


Hmm, it recently got my attention, honestly speaking this is amazing work,out of the box concept which i am seeing here after a long long time, very fresh concept, the way u have presented ur concept and visualize it is powerful, imo u can work more on that heart bcoz it has less details, but the balance which u have shown there inbetween ur concept and visualization in that whole presentation is commendable and serene,Good thing is that u had only followed Yarka’s colors not his concepts which is way unique,fantastic,tc


Hi Ahmad, loads of thanks for appreciating my work and concept in a way that it has brought inner happiness after reading those lines…Well yeah I wanted to work on a fresh theme actually using Yerka’s color palette which was required…Well yeah that heart has less details in it but actually the deadline has come and I wanted to upload it before the deadline…Thts why visualize it properly and uploaded it…But am really glad to know ur inner feelings and thoughts about this piece…Am really grateful…Thanks a million…God bless ya…Keep smiling:)


strange but cool concept …my only crit would be …that the 3d sticks out from the 2d a bit to much it would be cooler if they were better blended. still good luck and thanks for your comments in my thread.


Hi Jason…Loads of thanks for ur comments and suggestions…They are very valuable indeed…Well yeah it can be tweaked out a lil bit more but I had to meet the deadline as well…Well the whole setup in front including heart and that face is in 3D rest is 2D painting…Thank u so much for admiring the concept…Glad u liked it…Take carez


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