Vision Problems!!!!


I am just wondering if everyperson that works in CG have vision problems, because I just started working with a Blender3D and my eyes start burning like crazy…am I going to have this problem all the time or this is just like warming my eyes up…If I get vision problems does it have a cure?

Thanks for helping me to solve my life… Now I decided to go to Manzanillo to build a Bar with strippers and sell drugs…thanks for helping me:rolleyes:


Actually, I was wondering if I should post on CGTalk about the very same thing.

Just today, I wanted to rip my eyes off and throw them as far as I could. I also have the feeling that I can’t focus on objects correctly, or that it takes a split second more to focus.

10-14 hours a day in front of a computer screen can’t be good. For the burning, I heard that it may be because we don’t blink enough, but it seems to be more than that. I can’t leave my eyes open in bright sunlight.

Lot’s of small things that makes me want to be more careful, but I just don’t know what to do. My eye doctor (sorry, no idea how its called in english) said I had no problems, I was just slightly photophobic. Taking 15 minutes break each hour should be a good start for this eye burning.


same thing here. lately it seems it takes alot longer to see things in focus far away after focusing on things close to me, like say a screen.


my old boss was always complaining of blind spots.
He had done CG for ten years.


Well I mean, 10 to 15 hours a day for 10 years in front of a computer screen CAN’T be good. Although I wish it was harmless.

Talking about that, should I change my CRT for LCD right now, to avoid problems later? I heard LCD was smoother on the eyes.


But wait, it only gets better. When you hit your late thirties or early forties then you get to look forward to Presbyopia that wonderful age related vision change.


pfft…join the club. I have glasses that I wear only when the eye strain or headaches get really bad. Thankfully when I’m older lasik will be cheaper.


At my internship, there were two guys who had both the same problems. They went to the doc and they simply had eyes that were to dry, and got a medicine for it.

I’ve heard something about that we don’t blink as much behind a computer screen as we usually would do. So taking a break of a couple of minutes every hour (at least!) is very recommended. Stare in the distance for a while (blink a couple of time), stretch your arms a bit is a good thing I think…and go to a doctor when problems persist…

I had a RSI a while back, but by taking microbreaks (every 5 minutes 30 seconds time-out) I was able to get rid of it. I was using a program to warn me…in the beginning it drives you nuts, but you get used to it :smiley:


use LCD , take frequent breaks and get your eyes checked every 8 months and you wont have any problem.

Use crt with low refresh rate , stay in front of the monitor for 12 hours straight and ignore the signs and than you are asking for trouble


Getting your eyes checked doesn’t really help with a problem; it just confirms whether or not there is one.


I screwed my longsight detail up by playing too much Diablo2…I think that was it…but it happened over time throughout my highschool extracurricular activity…PC Gaming.

I have glasses, but only use them when Im shooting, driving somewhere I’m unfamiliar with, or anywhere I need to make distance details out.

Use eyedrops frequently, and get your sight off the comp when ever you can afford to. Thats why I like drawing. I’m sure there are many foods, and vitamins you could take that help keep eye health, well…healthier.


it does help.
Also its helpful to see if the condition is worsened or if you need a new lens , etc.


Anyone here actually had Lasik done…
I really want to do it but I’m worried about a couple of things, poor night vision (mine is really good now) and not being able to sit in front a screen for long.
Apparently, according to the doc, there is a new technique that solves the night vision problem but how about the screen thing… anyone have any experience of this.

In terms of eye problems I have also delevoped a spot in my vision, not reallly noticable except in bright light. I went for a full check up and the doc said that spot was a small area of crystalization of the vitreous (jelly substance) in the middle of the eye ball. Not a big deal and even better, the effects of aging on the eye makes the vitreous more liquid like so the spot will gradually sink to the bottom (don’t worry too much as she said it is one of those genetically predetermined things and probably not caused by anything). Anyway this insident has made me realise that I really should take better care of my eyes.


Erm…vision and wrist.
Glasses and wacom tablet.
the price one pays…


Anyone elses vision blur out after too long at the computer? My left eye goes blurry alot. When I wake up, it takes like 5-10 minutes to come into focus too. Weird.


Wow. That’s not a good sign. Head for the eye doctor ASAP.

And Sheep, you say CRT with low refresh rate. 1024x768 @ 87 hz, how is that? Just wondering.


Weird I was gonna start a thread like this. I have a few dark spots in front my eyes (apparently called floaters) Its the shadow cast by a tiny bit of jelly.

It can be harmless but it can also be a sign of your retina detaching! And there is no cure!

At night after a whole day on the computer I just can’t focus my eyes.

I wonder if wearing an eyepatch would help? Then just switching it every few hours.


you all just need to get more sleep.

Here is what you do. Every 30 mins or so, take a short break and focus on something 20 feet away from you for a minute ro so. And get some sleep, its important. Your eyes need rest. Most of my eye problems, I found out were just because I wasn’t sleeping right.

and blink a lot.


Run an LCD. If you have(or need) a CRT, set the refresh to above 75Hz, preferebly 85hz. You only get on set of eyes. Don’t be a cheapskate when it comes to your monitor(s).

Run a resolution that does not force your eyes to strain. 1600X1200 can be too small for some. Yes, you get to pack more into a smaller space, but in the end, it might be causing eye strain.

Blink. Remember to blink. It sounds like alot of you guys eyes are drying out. People tend to forget to blink while viewing a monitor. Blink. Remind yourself.

Set your screen colors to the coolest possible, ie, set all your interfaces to either black or very dark grey. Make your models black or dark grey and use a soft color for your wireframes while you are working on them. Turn off specular highlights in your viewports so that you are not staring at hot spots all day.

Eliminate glare(you can get glasses that just do that).

Get up and take breaks frequently.

Get your eyes checked regularly to make sure you don’t have a deeper problem.



Hum Dave, english is not my native language, and even though usually I don’t have any problems understanding, two words in there blocked me.

What is glare, and what is the specular highlights you’re talking about in the viewports?