Visibility Tag issues


Hey All,

Working on a project that involves stuff fading etc. I’m using the visibility tag on this tree but at the end I get this weird ‘pop’ where the shadow areas blink out. Obviously I’d like it fade out smoothly.

The tree object is in the foreground and NOT intersecting any other object. I need to use the tag frequently in this project and wondered if anyone could explain why this is happening?



Did you mean Display tag ?
Do you have the same problem when making the tree transparent ?
Why did you use the Display tag instead of the Material tag ?


Yup. Sorry. I mean the display tag with animated visibility.

I didn’t consider using the material and animating the transparency because there are so many materials in my scene, the display tag is just easier to see and change.

Is there a problem using the Display tag for this purpose?


I don’t think there is a problem using the Display tag (except the hard popping shadows you see).
The Display tag is meant mostly for the editor not the renderer. I was surprised to see it work in the render.

Anyway, hard shadows can also be seen in all trees, transparent or not, which is not visually pleasant. Maybe the unwanted effect has to do with the shadows. (Also, small plants don’t cast shadows, is this intended ?)

Try adding a Thin Film for the leaves to your current setup and see if that takes care of it. If not, try the transparency (with 1 in refraction and 0 in fresnel).


Hey Demis,

To be honest, i’ve always used the display tag in this way, it just makes things easier.
For example, in one section, I have to make all sections of the grass / hedges fade out.
It’s much easier to drop these into a group and use the Display tag, rather than duplicate all the required materials to animate the alpha no? This is really the first time i’ve had issues with this ‘popping’.

Also, I disagree with your thinking that the display tag (Visibility) is mainly for viewport. My viewport doesn’t show degrees of transparency at all. Just on until 99% then off on next frame!

Thanks for pointing out the no shadows on small plants, i’ll check it out.


Does this help with degrees of transparency ?


It’s weird. That works fine in my viewport with transparency on in material and viewport settings.
But for visibility in Display Tag it has no effect in viewport?

Anyhow, my need for the Display tag to be able to quickly fade out groups of objects remains!

Thanks as always for your input and suggestions Demis!


FWIW, the display tag works fine in this example.
To keep away from popping make sure you animate both the “use” and “Visibility”.

VIS.c4d (101.3 KB)


This is more likely a Ray Depth issue being revealed by the visibility animating down.

Increase the Ray Depth in the Render Settings and see if that helps.