visibility key compatable with mental ray?


i make extensive use of the visibility keys to animate transparancy in Max (flying logo’s, text, etc.). since i’ve switched to mental ray for rendering, i have noticed that mental ray treats a visibility key as either on (for a value of ‘1’) or off (any value between ‘0’ and ‘0.99’). i’ve tried a handfull of different key controllers with no luck.

anyone else have this issue? any solutions, workarounds, or tricks?

for now i’ve been animating opacity on individual materials, but this causes issues of its own (reflections, speculars on transparent objects, etc.) and adds crunch time to tight deadlines (animating individual textures on complex/multiple material objects).

thanks in advance for any help!


since a related topic has come up in another thread, i’ll bump this. bump and supply some clips of what i’m trying to figure out.

this is the visibility key animated with max default scanline, using several different controllers, all appropriately labled:[u][/u]

and this is the same animation rendered with mental ray:[u][/u]


Yes i have the exact same problem as you! And it’s really a pain in the a**!!! Unfortunately i have not found a workaround yet! If anyone has an idea i’ll be interested too! :wink:


Just a suggestion but have you tried posing this question on the 3DSMax support forum? In the past they have been very helpfull when I had strange problems. You can find them at


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