VirtualRender for LightWave v10.x has been released!



We have just finished fixing compatibility issues with LightWave v10.0, and plug-in should be working on it flawlessly.
Because of serious changes in LWSDK includes in pixel-filters (and bugs in compatibility layer in at least official LW v10.0 build. I have informed NewTek developers, but don’t know when/if they will fix it), this and probably future VirtualRender versions are requiring LW v10.0.

What’s VirtualRender?

VirtualRender is LightWave 3rd party renderer allowing to render the biggest imaginable resolution images, even on 32 bit machine.
The all example 16000x12000 renders in VirtualRender gallery were rendered on up to 3 machines running Windows 32 bit, with 2 GB memory limit.
It has two sub-engines: default LW renderer, and Kray renderer.
It can be used in Layout, in LWSN, and any 3rd party render controller (such as Butterfly Net Render).

For more informations please visit our website:

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