Violetta, Roja Huchez (3D)


She is very, very pretty :thumbsup: . Great render. I agree with Anto-toni on the eyes’ reflections. I would also close the eyes a tiny little bit.


Hey Thanks for the critiques guys!

 [MiVlaX](  - I'm glad you like it
 [neroart]( - I'll work on it more on the next model
 [Bennie25]( - Thank you very much
 [anto-toni]( - I will tone down the eye reflection and get another render out soon
 [Matasorapit]( - Cheers!
 [zokana]( - Thanks for noticing the blue tone, I tried to get that feeling.
 [PascalR]( - Thank you Pascal it's cool to hear from you, I would like to come back down there sometime. Next render I will try to get those reflections and the specular fixed. Cheers buddy! :)
 [boulba]( - I agree, it should fall straight, or that piece shouldn't be there at all, I'll see what I can do to fix that.
 [aesis412]( - You are kind, thank you.
 [far]( - Cheers far.
 [direndra]( - Thank you!
 [chokata]( - There is a great tutoral and a module to work with shave and a haircut which you can find [here](
 [tahaalkan]( - Thank you I will try to fix the eye reflections
 [TheRazorsEdge]( - You can see an attached image to answer your questions
 [ajsa51]( - Thank you and thanks for your suggestion.
 [ShenRui]( - Cheers!
 [simyevil]( - Awesome!
 [LashkoAlex]( - Yes! That I will do for the next project. 
 [level6]( - Thanks!
 [HerrMacintosh]( - Thank you, that is a good idea.


amazing work
the texture is amazing


Thanks a lot for the images and details! :slight_smile:

Again, great work here!:thumbsup:



Very nice work and render!


Wow. Nice work. I see sandra bullocks nose in there. The hair looks great too. Very pretty girl.




Great work on that poly hair to and thanks for the shader breakdown.
Wat lighting setup did u use?


newmain - glad you like it
TheRazorsEdge - np thanks for asking
CaptainSensible - cheers
BrettSinclair - You spotted it :slight_smile: Your work is great Brett
anto-toni - Lighting is three lights, one on scrL and one on scrR, the scrL spot doesn’t emit specularity on the eyes, and a spot behind for some rear illumination. I know, I have to figure something out for the next project to make the eye reflections better. :slight_smile:



Hey Roja,
How’s going ma friend?!

Model is great! As I can expected! Man, she is so beautiful and natural.

Keep going ma man! Can’t wait to see more new stuffs from you.


Hi Roja,
Wow,great work! (model,shader,render everything.) Since I didnt realize you’ve posted new work on this forum, so I couldnt comment early(: Anyway, I love your work! and I’m looking forward to seeing next your work.


Beautiful portrait Roja! She’s got that deadly stare :slight_smile:
The only thing i could comment on is her eyes. The Sclera area could use some white color in middle, and some shadowing under the eyelids. Right now its too grey and flat. But as i said its very minor.
Also could you explain why you have gamma correct nodes attached to all the textures? Is it something to do with Linear workflow i’ve been hearing these days?
By the end of you reply, i owe you a beer :wink:



Oh yeah this is very realistic. Fantastic Skin and I like this Eyes :slight_smile:


Hey Andreja! Glad to hear it. We miss you guys!
Hey Kenichi! Thank you, you are kind. :slight_smile:
Hey Harsh, Here is a reasonable description as to why gamma nodes and a linear workflow is good practice:
Goor Cheers!


I’ve just seen it in 3D World and you win a price. Congratulations! has been moved. It’s great to know someone can use it.


I would to have that beautifull wife :wink:
(too much reflection in the eye’s)


Great modeling and shading!Greatly appreciated the step by step workflow of your SSS
Keep it up!:applause:


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