Violetta, Roja Huchez (3D)


Title: Violetta
Name: Roja Huchez
Country: Canada
Software: Maya, mental ray, Mudbox, Photoshop

Hello Everyone,

This is was a personal challenge to learn about other aspects of CG rather than just modeling. She is rendered in mental ray using the misss shader and a linear workflow. I used Maya, Mental Ray, Mudbox and Photoshop.

She was not modeled after anyone in particular although many parts of female faces from random images were referenced.

Please feel free to critique and comment.

Thank you,
Roja Huchez


Good work man! Excellent hair system in corner of image!

Good luck!


wow!! many compliments.:applause:
I don’t like so much the hair top, the face it’s very fantastic


She is beautiful! Nice render and hair too.


Please turn down the reflection on hers eyes and you are the winner!
5* anyway.

Best regards


Wonderful image. Beautiful model and very well done. Great job.


It’s much more than just another frontal portrait, it’s quite a perfect one. I think most of the wow effect is created by the reflections on the eyes. And i love the skin tone with the blue reflections.


Great work man :slight_smile:
Good to see your stuff online, how is it going dude?

Ok, if I had to change anything I would probably reduce the reflection on the nose(or get it tighter) and eyes. The blue sky reflection on the eyes doesn’t match the scene lighting IMHO. Other than that , it’s great :beer:


Fantastic art piece. Yes, the reflections are to bright in the eyes, i agree on that. Also what bothers me is the last string of grouped hair on the forehead that is closest to the tip of the nose. I cannot see anything that would support that hair to be in that angle. I believe it would fall down more vertical, over the right eye (from the viewers point of view).

Otherwise, great inspiration for my own organic modeling.


this is beautiful your hair looks great and the render is top quality, very inspiring keep up the great work.


pretty amazing work :slight_smile:


really good job …!!!" :bowdown:


Excellent work! How did you made the hair?


excellent work except eyes glossiness, specular looks like a car material. i think i should have more diffuse reflection on it, eyes gather all reflections, but it s my opinion only:)
very well done. skin is perfect.


Excellent work! The skin looks great. Very vibrant and alive!

Would you show us the wires and unshaded and perhaps share the shader settings for the skin with us?



I would agree with the others about eye gloss. Perhaps you could use a different reflection map. Other than that it’s perfect. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


very beautiful! good work! I like it!


wonderful face very good work she is real

good lcuk 4 ever :beer:


Oooooh weeeeee! Fantastic work. My suggestion would be to put some sort of emotion on her. Thumbs up!


beauty :slight_smile: good work !