Villaverde Alto, Andrew James Pyott (3D)


Title: Villaverde Alto
Name: Andrew James Pyott
Country: España
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

Living in Madrid, public transport is the norm. On my daily travels, I would pass this station, fascinated by the richness in texture and forms. I decided to do my own rendition of the place, and after approximately two months worth of work, I finally present it to you.

I modelled it out in Maya; textured it using real photographs taken on the scene (with the help of my friend Alexandra Mena) and off of (highly recommended site, which I will visit again and again from now on); rendered in Mental Ray (custom lighting setup, no FG o GI); and comped in Photshop.

It has been an interesting step in my learning phase, as I have learnt a lot of Photoshop with this piece, and have learnt that I wasted a lot of time, that could have been better invested in other parts of the process.

I hope you enjoy it, and I would love to hear your crits and comments.


nice topic! i love the idea! althou your materials and lightning would need some improvement. couldn’t immediately decide what weather could this be? cloudy? but there are sharp shadows! so it must be sunny but then u need much briter sunlit areas!

and your materials seem to be lacking all reflections.

but u paid so much attention to details which i really appreciate!


@Radicjoe: Thanks for your ever so constructive crticism. You are right about everything you said, I think I just got fedup of looking at the same station for so long, that I got lazy. I learnt so much with this piece , that that alone seemed to make it worthwhile and I gave up towards the end.

Textures definately need reworking, especially need to give reflections in the scene some atention. These things, I already knew deep down, but my biggest problem is probably with the ilumination. It never went through my head what the sky was saying, and what the shadows were saying elsewhere. This is something I need to seriously look into. I will definately revisit this piece when I get over it, but for now I’m going to start a new proyect.

Comment aside, if all comments were as productive and constructive as yours, we would be a hell of a lot better community. I would much rather have 1 comment like yours, than 10 others which don’t say nothing, so to me, making this piece has already been worthwhile.


I love that you’ve added lots of elements and a good variety of textures in the scene. Of course and as previous comments mention, would have to polish a couple of details, but I´m sure that in your next project you´re going to make it very good.

I have some difficulty in creating a good lighting too.

Thanks for your post on my scene, fellow.


-Sorry for my english-


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