Viking weapons


I’ve been working on this for quite a while after been set back for a few weeks. (just got my wisdom tooth out) Now ready, I’ll continue what I started. This is a personal project that I’ve been working on with the empahsis on texturing. I’ve finished laying out the UVs and now awaiting to paint the textures. But I reckon it’ll take quite a while with detail texturing that I’ve planned on. So here goes.



Here are some wireframes:
Viking shields

Viking swords

Sword (close-ups)



looking good,
ofcourse its missing alot of the surface details, but i guess thats where the textures come in…
good luck :wink:


… good modeling:thumbsup:
keep it up


[left]hany: yep. the bulk of surface details will derive from textures.

     Some updates. Progress is slow but i'm getting there. This is my first attempt 
    at texturing and some areas need to be worked on further. For now, textures like 
    colour patterns are more or less decided but I planned on repainting the texures on 
    some parts of the shield as i'm not happy with the way it's looking.
              So far, color, bump & specular are done. I hope to post more updates soon (up next: swords & axes). 

Let me know what you think.

             Some shield patterns

Inner face of shield



I like these ones very much keep it up. There is something about te paintings on the shield though. For example you last example wouldn’t be used in a fight. The whole goal for the paintings on the shield was to cover the flow of the wood. This is because if the opponent or enemy would hit the shield with his sword in the same direction as the flow of the wood it would split. Anyway this is just a small detail and I’m sure you’ll textur ethe shield :wink:


Hi guys!

It’s been a while, back to work after a long weekend. I just edited and posted some updates. Hope to get some feedback/comments on the texturing.




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