Viking: Battle for Asgard (Pack Art), Michael Kutsche (2D)


Title: Viking: Battle for Asgard (Pack Art)
Name: Michael Kutsche
Country: Germany
Software: Painter, Photoshop, XSI

This is an older version of the Pack Art of SEGA’s/The Creative Assembly’s title Viking: Battle for Asgard.
All done in Painter X and Photoshop CS3, only the warriors in the background are 3d models.


awesome rendering and stunning details, as usual :wink:

einfach klasse!


Very very cool!! Beautiful artwork!


What he said! :wink:

No no, very good work! great piece!


Piece by piece you show you are a master.


This is absolutely stunning! Fantasic, fantastic, fantastic. 5 stars from me!


Superb very good details , wonderfull textures , 5 stars


very nice! love the characters ^^


Amazing work!!! Great details :drool:

Maybe because of the white hair, the character remind me The Witcher game character. Witch one is very good by the way.


So nice! Congrats


Very good work, details are great:thumbsup:


You know, when I saw the game cover the other day I thought it was a 3D render…!
you rock man, I’m a fan :slight_smile:


Beautiful, remind me the band Amon amarth (viking metal) :wink:


wow … this is very good …the detailes look as 3d … as the whole work … this is so greate


Great work!Feels like the one in front of him is going to get his ass kicked,lol!


Great work! :cool: I like the character designs!


für deine Bilder finde ich manchmal keine Worte, das ist hier so eines, da fällt mir doch immer die Kinnlade runter was du alles mit Photoshop machst…einfach klasse.


Wow, great painting! It makes me want to play the game. The marketing department ought to give you a big part of their budget!


thanks a lot for the nice replies, really appreciated!


He looks so badass