Viewport 'flicker' when working with scene with large dimensions


Trying to work on a building to scale (1 maya unit = 1cm) and pulling the camera back causes horrendous viewport flickering, to the point I can’t actually see what I’m doing. See attached:

Does anyone know how to fix this? Short of resizing everything and losing the ability to work to scale. Note the exact same building when sized down tiny shows fine.


check the settings on your viewport camera, looks like a clipping plane problem. take the near clip plane down to 0.0001 and the high one up to 10000000000 or something.


I always take the high one up (have to, to be able to see anything at that scale) but it was the low that was the issue.

Taking it lower makes it worse, however setting it higher (to 10, from the default 0.1) solved it.

Simple things about Maya I still don’t know! Thanks, +rep!


Dont worry I figured to increase near clip fixing this issue after 8 years of Maya usage :D. I just dont get it why it cannot be fixed by Autodesk. It is not really a deal breaker but why not…:wip:


I believe it is a problem in all 3d apps.


its an extremely solvable problem. All they need to do is use the world bounding box to set a default clipping plane that doesnt cause problems with OGL. you could technically write a script to do this on startup.


Never just arbitrarily whack the near and far clipping planes as far apart as possible. That’s a poor solution that can cause more problems than it solves. If you’re painting a portrait in Photoshop, do you create a canvas of 3000000000x3000000000 pixels only paint in the center 3000x3000 pixels? Of course not.

Set your clipping planes as far apart as they need to be to encompass your scene’s active contents, but no further than that.


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