view port proplem


when i start to work the viewport start to flip and goes from front to perspective by itself
please help me


maybe upgrade your video card driver


I don’t think your ‘orthographic camera’ had its direction flipped 180 degrees, or I simply do not understand how you ever understand your issue to be a particular problem.

Please say something about why you even bother making a thread about this issue.
Is perhaps your work becoming difficult somehow because of some particular issue?
Is there some apparent behaviour of the Maya software that you just don’t understand and would like an explanation to?
Is it that your scene does not save the viewport arrangement the way you want it to?
Is it that you see Maya behave inconsistently, as if Maya does not retain some setting for the camera?

I really think you have to be more descriptive and try to put more words to what issue you seem to be having and how you understand it.


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