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Hi people!

I just got time to finish another tutorial on how to create wakes and make things float using some free thirdparty tools as well as native tools in LightWave. The tutorial will also deal with some piepline issues and solutions and how to make it as flexible as possible when constant changes are more or less a rule of life when doing 3D. Some things may not make sense right off the bat, but further down the pipe those “strange” things will probably just click. :slight_smile:

Part 0: Introduction, 7.68MB
Part 1: The tools, 4.92MB
Part 2: Modeler preparations, 8.9MB
Part 3: Animation and collision, 21MB
Part 4: Creating the wake, 56.9MB
Part 5: Displacements, bones and make it float, 36.3MB
Part 6: Pipeline issues and solutions, 36MB

Links to tools:

DPKit and Node Item Motion

Since evenflcw doesn’t have a site for his plugins, I’ve attached the Dynamic Bonechain pluginpack.

Feel free to give comments, suggestions or simply just ask questions. :slight_smile:


Hi again guys!

Two new videos!

Drive Bones with Native tools, 25MB
Showing how you can drive a bonechain with a 2-pointPoly using native tools; SoftFX and Realtivity. Not as elegant and flexible as Node Item Motion, but still a usefull technique.

HighRes wake, 18MB
Shows a technique to save ALOT of calculationtime when you want to have alot more subdivisions on your watersurface (or whatever you are creating).


wow… I just checked out the intro and your little demo movie is great! I’m going to check out the rest of the vids. Thanks for sharing!


The main parts have now been moved here:


A HUGE thank to NewTek for hosting ALL the parts of Creating Wakes tutorial.

All of them can be found at the above link!


Very nice tutorial. Just what Iwas looking for.

BTW: what open/save file dialog replacement are you using in the video?

Cheers, Florian


Nice to hear! :slight_smile:

Not sure what you mean, but I’m using Smart-Save. The actual file dialog shouln’t change though.

Did I understand your question correctly? :slight_smile:


Thank you for the tutorial. I downloaded everything and the videos are working just fine.

You know, I’ve only used Lightwave for two things; making 3d views from our 2d blueprints we use at work, and making models for my friends so they can use them in Poser. Lately though, I’ve really wanted to get under the hood so to speak of Lightwave and your tutorial looks like a good place to start. Thanks again!


Due to some changes in DPKit, the latest version doesn’t work with the Dynamic Bonechain toolset… However, Dan has updated the toolset to work with the latest version of DPKit. Note that this new version will not work with older versions of DPKit.

Toolset attached!

Have fun!


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