Videocast: Watch Sidney Kombo discuss his role on War for the planets of Apes



Introduction: 0:15What did you do on Black Panther?: 5:00How did you get to be animation supervisor at Weta Digital? : 6:13
Sidney talks about his experience in animation school 11:19
Experience from animation school onwards 15:33
Interesting experience applying as a Junior animator to landing an ‘Animator’ position at ReelFX 17:18

For Congo-born animator Sidney Kombo (… ) however, both the dream and his own animations truly have come to life in such blockbuster movie franchises as the Avengers, Planet of the Apes, and Paddington, to name just a few. In what was a lively and free-flowing exchange of questions and commentary, complete with questions from you, our amazing CG Africa audience and friends, we were recently blessed to spend time chatting (and laughing!) with Sidney.