Video tutorials on setting up bones etc?


Hi im alright at modeling i guess but im trying to try out animating stuff. I know the very basics of it like click animate then move it and adding keyframes, but i have no idea really on using bones to animated stuff like say a character or making a simple cylinder move like an arm just to test it out. I’ve read and triwed a couple of tutorials but i just seem to get lost in them and i think i’d find it easier if i just saw and example of how others do it, so i was just wondering if there were any floating about, cause i cant seem to find any vid tutorials on this. Thank you


heh, try this:

  1. create cylinder
  2. make 3 bones inside of it and make fins, so bone fits cylinder
  3. on cylinder select skin modifier, and add in 3 bones
  4. try to move or rotate bones

For character i can’t say you because i’m trying to make my octopus move :smiley:


try this

its very basic but absolutly powerful. there are several parts(ithink). the prize is fair in realation to that what you are getting with it.


Thanks for the replys, i tried what you said and it worked so i guess i’m off to a good start, will this only work with basic shapes like cylinders cubes etc? thanks


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