VIDEO TUTORIALS - Drawing The Human Figure From Your Mind Video Lessons


“The Structure Of Man” is a project for Art Education on Drawing the Human Figure from your Mind.



Welcome to the Forum! :slight_smile: I’d like to know a little more about your project and what your mission and aims are.

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Thank you for your tutorials!

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I think what you are doing is very admirable. Thank you. I will see them…now!


Thank You for all your support. Sorry about the double post, didn’t mean to do that.

The “Structure of Man” is a step-by-step video tutorial project where its aim is to help Artists gain insight into understanding and mastering the human form using various thinking techniques. The goals are to allow Artists to build a basic foundation of the Human Figure as an invention into memory first; understand the invention as an intimate creation to help approach to its mastery; be able to understand the anatomical correctness to its design and named structures; finally to dream and create out of bliss and be confident and progress in learning, in ones career and life. Mastering the Human Figure is really the fulfillment we are aiming for.

The other significance of this project is to give young artists access to college level education and understand the value of Artistic Thinking and hopefully get inspired and share their gained knowledge with others as to how they solve problems in learning art. We do believe in the progress of thinking and hope if we can provide to young artists information not available until higher education, which can help them in some way.

We are still feeling our way through this project but these are mainly the concept of ideas to this project as a free college level training tool to be used in conjunction with Artist training.

ps. We are planning on making these videos also available as downloadable podcasts from Google video.


hey Riven. Awesome tuts man. nice to see that. one question;
waren’t you working on some training DVD’s a couple of months ago?

I remember visiting a website hosted by you (i think) with some demo vids of an upcomming DVD release about drawing monsters, creatures and stuff like that. it was supposed to be releasd in June this year but when i tried to look it up again the website was not existing anymore.

Was the project cancelled or something? i’l looked pretty interesting so i was pretty bumped when i couldn’t find it anymore.

Anyway thanks for this and hope to see more of your stuff.



It’s up on yahoo video as a very short version. 10 min.


Hi Riven,

Just thought I’d use my first post here (been lurking a while) to say how great these vids are. At first I thought they started slow, but with the later videos I saw how important it all was in establishing the foundation for your design. You’ve divided the chunks intelligently and you tube is proving to be the perfect medium - accessible from everywhere! It’s fantastic stuff, and I look forward to seeing the rest.

While I’m here too, congrats RebeccaK - I’ve just seen you in a life drawing news article in this month’s ImagineFX! That makes quite a few of the regs here who have appeared in the magazine.


Wow, this is a breaktrhough to me. Today i got to lesson 14. Can’t wait until tomorrow continue on with it. It really gives me confidence and i believe that i can get where i want to be at drawing. Thank you so much, Riven!


hello there, i just want to thank you for your effort. this is really helpful for me since i mostly learn by watching. once again, thank you


Oh wow! I have already seen your 6 videos, didnt know you have these many… this is a treasure indeed :slight_smile:



Very useful indeed! Thanks for sharing. Anyone else having problems with lesson 4 stopping at the 7:39 mark?


Is there another location for the preview video? The link above is no longer valid…404error.


There is a video up at YouTube with a monster drawing, it is only about 4 minutes long, so it probably isn’t the same one… YouTube is also where the rest of the videos are hosted. Awesome stuff.

Then there is the Rise of Frankenstein video series that starts with this video


All 200+ videos are on Youtube. Thank me and the person who uploaded them.


I’ve got them all and am watching them when i have the time. it’s pretty usefull stuff guys. you should check it out!!


Respected ppl i have found the dvd link of structure of man
the link is :

its the community thread in orkut. All the links are posted there but they are all rapidshare link.


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