Video Tutorial: Janus/exrTrader/Fusion - Workflow Introduction


Since this is a project-driven tutorial, some things will not be explained in detail or even mentioned. The focus is mainly on the workflow aspects. However, rest assured that Janus has A LOT (and I say it again, A LOT) of things going for it that is not shown in this introduction. I’ve focused on showing how Janus and exrTrader works in a very artist friendly way without much tech stuff at all. More videos will be produced in the future that goes into showing some of the finer aspects of Janus.

The content I use consists of 3 joysticks and a Table. One of the Joysticks is broken up into 6 different parts (each part having it’s own surface) while the other two are single objects with multiple surfaces.

The list below is a brief description of what I will do/talk about in the videos.

Part01: 29m 54s
exrTrader - Presets
Janus - Preferences
Janus - Adding groups
Janus - Configuration files
Janus - Creating Beauty-renderpasses, introduction to BTY/BTY2
Janus - Applying exrTrader
Janus - Break Out
Janus - Filestructure
Janus - “Global/Local” renderbuffers
Janus - Creating Alpha-renderpasses
Janus - Creating BAT-files for renderscenes
LW - Batch Render Editor (plugin written by Jeremy Hardin)

Part02: 25m 35s
Fusion - What we have so far
Fusion - Multichannel exr workflow
Janus - Customized GroupTypes
Janus - Creating ChromaPasses using GroupTypes (Middle Joystick)
Janus - Creating ChromaPasses using GroupOverrides (Middle Joystick)
Janus - Creating ChromaPasses using Object replacements (Left and Right Joystick)

Part03: 27m 04s
Fusion - Setting up a flow for Diffuse, Specular and Reflection using Chromapasses (Middle Joystick)
Fusion - Setting up flows for the rest of the Joystics based on the flow created for Middle Joystick (timelapse, no audio)
Fusion - Alphachannel screwup doh and how to fix it ahh

The videos can be found here!

Have a wonderful New Year!


I’ve done the first additional tutorial…which is about the use of the z-buffer that exrTrader can output. :slight_smile:

Look here!



Thanks, just downloaded them… :cool:


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