Video Tutorial for maya UI making


Videos on writing mel code, and making your own UIs, and they are completely FREE!

Updated download links: (not change of ftp address)

user: cgtalk

Please share and spread them as much as you can.


Videos so far: (rared and re-encoded audio to make them smaller)

Dynamics Series:


sounds like a great idea westiemad, keep it coming:thumbsup:




And please let the tut be cool. Making a window is easy. Making a window with complex formatting is PITA.


i’m trying to work out where to gauge it at the moment, I mean I don’t want to shoot off into procedures and looping, if people have never opened up maya before, although I don’t want to make it super boring. I could start simple, then get more complex.

Suggestions for a format or style you’d like to see.


Mr rimmer sir, u ideas sounds like 1 i would be much interested it :slight_smile: u cheekie monkey u…
for format dont go to simple to start with coz if ure new to mel u aint gonna be doin many GUI’s. break the whole thing into sections, maybe two or 3 first covering concept, second on commands third on practice

(ps. i’ll c u on msn when AOL finally get me back online :(, say hi to Tea for me)


Sure thing man!
Cant wait anymore once you mentioned it. :thumbsup:


I know a total beginner thing might be to hard, as people will have to know how to make mel scripts already.

Maybe intermediate to making cool windows then. I’ll have to design a window with lots of controls in to show how to use them all, I take it for functionality you want the populating, querying, editing controls etc. Are we going all out and having script jobs, or not yet? I made a UI which I was going to use as a demo reel piece which I think is kind of cool, but don’t know how “TECHIE” to make the video.


wicked idea - those sorensen screengrap vids are great, just a suggestion…


perhaps something played on windows, mac and linux, hows divx for everybody?



i would be interested in that for sure :slight_smile:


I would like a lot…
Im a newbie, and I wanna see the power of MAYA he he he


I guess you just listen your inner voice. Fact is, everyone should do his homework…and if he doesnt know where the script editor is. Chanches are that for most folks it will be boring. I am not trying to speak for some group of folks but I just think that there is stuff what some just pick up on the fly. And if they got questions and if they’re interested they always know where to find the answer(manual of course) :slight_smile:
Good point MunCHeR, cross platform all the way. Really sorry to see some kids left without fun cuz of that. Hehe sure I know it pretty well as I have experienced it first hand. Very exciting indeed.


great idea, i know that many of you know mel quite good, i don’t, so it would be nice to make sth not very difficult just for start :smiley:


i am very interested


This sounds great

I would say a intermediate level from start to finish would be appro

I’d say most people are familiar with MEL , but don’t know how to make it work for them

and those that are really adv. don’t really need a lesson… I’m guessing

p.s. those not knowing anything about it, may indicate that there are some other things they should tackle before diving in to GUI editors


ok what I’m gonna do is tell you how I wrote my character rigger window, but not the rigs that are in it (as they are simple), what will be covered.

Text lists, buttons, seperators, UIs in UIs, formLayout, script jobs, images, parents and children, the way I code stuff for UIs and a little bit on something different.

For this section you will need to have an understanding of MEL, looping, procedures, flags, whitespace, and syntax, but don’t be put off. (I will explain it, just not in a mass of detail)

If you want a total beginners guide to MEL scripting then “we” (those who can code) may have to do a joint effort on the topics to get you upto speed, each taking a turn, one does looping, one does ifs, one does procs etc.


Yes, it’s definitely great idea!


for aught I care.have networkaddress?


Where is my video u cheeky monkey u :frowning:

Odo :slight_smile:


the whole script is a little over 3000 lines of code, I’m going to try and make it in an ordered fashion so I don’t just shoot off. I might not actually make the window itself just a basic version and then tell u how to add controls like the ones on it.

Lucky for me, work has be busy at the moment.