(Video Tutorial) Clouds in PS


You will need Quicktime 7 to view this tutorial because it uses the newest H.264 codec, if your running a version 6 all you will see if a white box.

This is a short tutorial on how to paint clouds in CS. This tutorial will also work with earlier versions of PS. Enjoy

Cloud Tutorial

Upgrade to Quicktime 7


Thanks for posting that :slight_smile: …It’s always nice to see things in action.

It is quite short, and very fast hehe… did notice you where using the slider to change the size of your brush…was that just for our benefit or does the “filming” process not let you use the [ and ] keys ?..



Glad you enjoyed it. I used the sliders to show the approximate brush size to the viewer. As for the speed , the good thing about quicktime is that you can pause it and view it slide by slide.


So basically since I do not have a Mac I can not view this. :slight_smile: Thanks.


If you look a little deeper on the Quicktime page…past the front page… and maybe even hit the button called “download” :stuck_out_tongue: … you will find a Windows version of Quicktime 7 :slight_smile: … it’s the full beta and is 23mb.



i found the beta QT7 buggy and cumbersome. i’ll stick with 6.5 until 7 is gold on windows. hope to see this then!


Same here :slight_smile: I’ll wait :slight_smile:


i can’t see it. Can you make it again? Thanks.


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