Video: The Camera Panel, Scaling the Camera, Multiple Cameras


Here’s another video in the Camera Control series. This time we look at:

  • Understanding the Camera Panel
  • Scaling the Camera
  • Multiple Cameras

Get it here.


Thanks very much for the informative video tutorials, they are really helpfull. Coming from lightwave I have to say that Blender is quit intimidating at first, but slowly it is becoming much more clear.



Thank You and Welcome to the Blender community!

If you can get me an up-to-date Lightwave keystroke guide (along with a description of each keystroke’s function), I can put together a “Lightwave to Blender Keystroke Translator”. I’ve already done something like that for Maya users, Maya to Blender Keystroke Translator.


That would be great. I found a keyboard guide. You can get it here.

Well, I’m back to Blender, enjoying it a lot I must say! Great progam, very powerfull. I guess a lot of people don’t realise that. I didn’t untill I really tried it! Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:



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